iPhone 7 Plus Case Collection + KROMA Case Review! | Alexandrea Marie

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  1. Speck cases are crap they break your phone

  2. Try cases from kimbyr.com. They’re so beautiful and very inexpensive. It’s a little more than $10 but so worth it. Plus use the coupon codes YouTube or welcome 10 and you get a discount.

  3. you look just like molly eskam.

  4. Yes I have the iPhone 7 in matte black!!!🙃😉😍👍🏻👌🏻

  5. Hey just wanted to suggest contacting Speck because they have amazing customer service and I have a bunch of Speck cases and know that the Presidio cases are covered under warranty. So they may be able to send you a replacement. Idk if they will cover the jean discolor but I think all the scratches on the clear back might be covered. And you won’t have to send back the other case or anything. Only wanted to suggest it because I know speck cases are expensive. Hope they do offer you a replacement. I also highly recommend casemate cases. I just got the new Twinkle Case and it is sooo stunning. But I know most of casemate’s cases come with a lifetime warranty. Just wanted to suggest that because I didn’t know if you had contacted Speck about a replacement case yet. Love the video and totally subscribed now! Hope you have a GREAT week!!

  6. Really enjoyed watching this video!! The Kroma cases look absolutely incredible love the design of the cases being simple yet having such cute designs!! Such a unique case of having inserts to make the cases truly unique and express individuality

  7. Where is what I go see girls offer review phone 8 plus and in fact, they want to offer make-up and their hair and their bodies and do not know a thing for device information only propaganda them…Bitch

  8. have u tried the wildflower brand of cases
    heres the link if u want to look or buy one of them
    their quite pricy too but worth it just like the kroma i couldnt decide out of kroma or wildflower of what case to get!
    i want a kroma case but i had to chose because kroma is 40$ not including shipping and wildflower are 35 or 37 depending on size phone mine is 37 since i do have a plus version phone so 37$ not including shipping it was like 5.95$ for the shipping on when i went to purchase my case so there for it out mine up to 34$ bc the case i chose was on sale for 29$ but if anyone has 6 or 6 plus they have their cases marked down to 17$ so go check out the brand wildflower
    here the lin for my channel
    go check out my channel please i appreciate it alot if you would!
    but i do hvave a blog so here the link for that too

  9. You're indeed gorgeous!

  10. You’re beautiful and love the cases!!😙😘

  11. Loved the video and all of your cases! esp the KROMA ones, will def check'm out <3

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