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  3. Well I’ve done this 15 times and my device is still frozen

  4. Cool video I love it plz can u give me a mobile I know u r good man I want s7 edge

  5. very useful for ip users ! hope they will fix thier mob soon

  6. great tutorial , thank you :-p ,, amazing

  7. Good information
    Support from India

  8. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏

  9. hello i love trading
    i known i am out of topic but i just wanted to get a response from your older video
    and so here i go

    hello iLuvTrading i got my Youtube channel disabled/suspended due to 3 Copyright strike
    i already emailed two of the copyright claimant on my video . just now its 9:56pm here march 19.. and i am awaiting their response

    MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL is already disabled

    i did not email the other claimant because the strike will expire soon this april 7 ..

    i want to ask if ever the claimant that i emailed will not reply would it be possible for me to recover my channel when april 7 comes

    i mean my channel was disabled now earlier this afternoon because
    i got 3 strikes _ i email 2 of them __ the other 1 is expiring soon (april 7)

    if the 2 will not retract the strike .. can i recover (use again) my channel on APRIL 8

    With Respect and GRATITUDE,

    (i will also message you on your different contact links ..) im sorry

  10. Hopefully I win a giveaway because I want to buy something under $15 or $10 from EBay.

  11. Please make a video on fidget spinner

  12. iluvTrading love Your all videos wow Cool video keep it up❤
    love from pakistan💚
    Your Supporter🔥
    iluvTrading is my inspiration💥

  13. I love your video your video is very helpful

  14. why would anyone dislike this video?! here's a 👍 like to cancel that troll dislike.

  15. Thanks for sharing and liking my comment.good vid .from india

  16. Awesome information awesome video and most definitely and awesome host USA

  17. Awesome information I appreciate you sharing it with all of us you didn't excellent job on this video Virgil you take care my friend and you have a good one and I will see you at your next one USA

  18. Thanks for sharing..
    Nice tip brother…

  19. hello …i always do this it helps a lot

  20. Thanks for this tip. Might work for my iPhone 7plus.😊

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