iPhone X vs iPad vs iPad PRO – FORTNITE Mobile – App Graphics Comparison |

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Fortnite Mobile Graphics Comparison | iPhone X vs iPad vs iPad PRO – The Results may surprise you! Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile App Is Available For IOS & Android Soon, Download Fortnite NOW!…

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  1. How do u adjust graphics in mobile? Srry, 1st time playing.

  2. The IPad Pro graphics are better because it has 4 gb of ram

  3. I’m grateful that I have an iPad 2 air but the graphics are terrible

  4. I watched this right before downloading it on my Air 2😓

  5. I hope they get the graphics of every platform to be the same.. it’s just not fair

  6. I have iPad 2017 and the graphics are like the worst 🙁

  7. I have the ipad pro 9.7 inch and its very good I use a apple controller

  8. iPad Pro then iPhone X then the iPad air

  9. I play on IPad Pro so I like mine better

  10. I have iPad 2017 and it’s not much better than the Air 2. However what matters is the gameplay in my eyes. Besides, if I want better graphics I’ll just play on my iPhone 8 Plus.

  11. Can’t they make the game look better for the 6s or is it going to stay that way other games have way better graphics but this one doesn’t why??

  12. The mini 4 feels unplayable

  13. Oh wow apple devices are trash. Gona enjoy this on the S9+

  14. My moms i phone 7 plus has better graphics

  15. Should do this again when it comes out on switch

  16. The pro seems to look best

  17. Air 2 squad . Poor graphics 😭

  18. I play on Ipad Air 2 And it goes full settings, without me lagging?

  19. Bruh i play on iPhone SE and win almost every game if i tryhard.
    I get 5-13 kills on solo and 7-14 kills on Squad No Fill

  20. I have ipad 2017 and it looks like air im pretty sure that it could pull of better graphics

  21. Omg look at the iPad Pro battle bus compared to the iPad Air 2 omg lol I play on iPad Air 2 and the graphics are trash

  22. y does the air 2 not have the grass and the tap icon for when u open tresure chests and picking up guns

  23. What can you expect from a Pro?

  24. pro is the best one out of all of them

  25. I play on iPhone SE small screen but good graphics

  26. On iPad it’s terrible

  27. ipad pro is even better than my pc's graphics wtf

  28. I’m using iPad Pro right now

  29. Good thing I have an IPad Pro 10.5 inch

  30. Id choose X compare it to Pc or ps 4 one looks same than the pro

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