Is Cryptocurrency Mining Killing PC Gaming?

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  1. Jayyyy how did a rx480 become a gtx480

  2. i hate it i wanna bulid a budget pc for $500 but gpu are so expensive that is stopping me from turning to pcs from consoles

  3. Basically who gives a s*** if some nerd can't play his computer game I got Lambos to buy moon here I come

  4. Damn i live in a good year dont i

  5. Cypto is not a bubbble hahaha. People said the same thing when Bitcoin dropped from near $1k to around $130 overnight a few years back. Now the all time high is just under $20k, and the correction for that big bull run is just about over. $35k Bitcoin here we come.

  6. Last year I had figured out a pc to build but didn't have the money so I saved all summer and part of winter and when I had enough the pc cost almost double

  7. This is why you are awesome Jay!

  8. crypto miners are the vapers of the pc community

  9. My old R9 270x went bust, artifacts 🙁 so now I went back to my 1st video card that i have ever bought: HD 3650 silent. Thank you who ever invented Cryptocurrency.

  10. This sucks so much man – I was planning on saving money for a new graphics card and even start putting together a rig for my workstation/gaming (I'm an artist) but after knowing about the mining shit, I just knew that my plans were done. Decent to high range GPUS prices are still expensive. I don't know but I hope this dies down soon.

  11. I hope this just stops gaming entirely for a brief period. This will make people wake up. The gaming market will hault if these prices continue

  12. Meanwhile in a console gamer world……..

  13. Cryptos are building a network of data storage and processing facilities around the world to a scale never seen. I think cryptos are a distraction from the true reason this network is being built. Theses CPU farms are not being built to track Bitcoins but people and information. The NSA data facility in Utah is being expanded to the world and that is the mainframe of the network being built. Just a hunch I have because I have read the 1996 NSA paper and the Bitcoin white paper and cryptocurrency was never designed to succeed.

  14. I completely agree with this video, It's really annoying that games keep getting more and more demanding from your pc but it is super difficult to upgrade your pc because of the price so now you cant even play the games you wanna play if you're a budget kind of person like me

  15. Crypto is killi'n PC gaming 😢 sad for PC gamers ……

  16. crypto as an idea is solid. It makes great sense but the implementation so far is garbage. It takes up so much electricity and drives prices so far up that it's a net loss for the gaming culture. If it was optimized and the market could handle it, I'm all for crypto. Down with big banks, down with market instability but as of now, I'm a hard no.

  17. Every stinky third worlder moving to America to buy all our graphics cards and steal our IT jobs

  18. I didn't cared about cryptocurrency, until my graphics card broke.

  19. there could be a distribution solution, where, almost like crowd sourcing, there is an organized pseudo-retailer that is organized, that can make purchases from the manufactures, and sell to the members of the constituted "pseudo-retailer", at whole-sale prices that are designed to cover the expenses of the crowd sourced venture… then at least manufactures might be able to prioritize orders to this sort of distribution solution, that are comprised of 'real gamers' that expect to walk away with 1/2 cards per member, for their actual gaming needs, and not just a consortium of crytpo-miners trying to take multiple cards. Basically, a vehicle that can broker more direct access to the manufactures for the gaming market,— a vehicle that has some way of proving that its constituted of real enthusiasts, so that the manufactures might consider delivering to that organised body, as they would to other retailers. Although even if the system was set up, and was seen to work, it would have to work against having its procedure counterfeited or adapted by commercial driven exploitation.

  20. In only the last 4-6 months the prices raised €100 for GPUs and even more for the high end ones

  21. Any logo explain "No bitcoin = no Jobs, AMD stock falls ( AMD Greed), & yr Father future Jobs may be Gone forever….!! & = falls of Gamer" Start Mining Today… 😀 " Future of yr Father career is in your Hand. "All because of AMD Greed problem, Killed the Saviour Bitcoin & eventually AMD Kill themself… OMG..

  22. Cryptocurrency mining sounds like the foundation for SKYNET

  23. against his will, tomorow the streamer will present you a budget low cost gaming rig at the attractive price of only 1800$+taxes 😁all 3-4 years new olds stuff😁

  24. Youtube giving me crypto ads just to rub it in. But seriously, cc was the stupidest idea ever. Its blatantly inefficient. Those mining rigs could simulate galaxies in real time. This whole mining thing is a scam. If these algorithms would be implemented in an proper way, you could mine on your Raspberry pi at the same rate as a room full with asics. And it also seems that its getting more centralized as you need more and more GPUs to be profitable, so the whole decentralized idea, its main purpose, is dying faster than communism.

  25. I want all cryptocurrency to die

  26. My personal opinion on Cryptocurrencies: I like them as a concept, the idea of transactions that can't be tracked back to me is rather appealing because that's one less source of data for big companies to use to target ads at me. The math behind crypto that gives rise to the block chain has far reaching implications not just for currency, but for a wide variety of data persistence, and data security. A system that rewards the custodians of the data for keeping the data secure and unbroken seems like a good idea, and the fact that the bitcoin network alone is so vast that fraudulent blocks get scraped out of the chain at an exponential rate shows that you can use these techniques for data integrity.

    That all said… The sheer amount of crypto currencies out there is mind boggling, even if one pops, there's going to be more to follow suit. and even though the vast majority are tied back to the Satoshi (one hundred millionth of a bitcoin), say bitcoin goes down and tanks the vast majority of the crypto market with it… someone else can just write up another protocol and become the new standard. I think the best bet here would be to introduce a cryptocurrency that doesn't use the GPU or CPU for mining, like the burst coin that uses hard drives and file storage instead. Make something like that popular and sure, you might see a jump in consumer grade hard drives, but the inherent benefit of using the massive storage of hard drives over SSDs means that the SSD market would remain relatively untouched. We're already seeing the beginnings of hard drives being completely forgone in our latest builds for the likes of SSDs with larger and larger capacities. I think with hard drives going away from the average consumer market, this might be a good way to breathe new life into a technology that's slowly going the way of the floppy drive.

    At least, that's my thoughts on crypto, and the solution to the GPU market strain it's put on us.

  27. I just hope that my 980ti holds on until the bubble bursts.

  28. As someone who's just been building my own PC, with having my own 960 GTX GPU I couldn't have otherwise built my own PC for £500, with that money I could also buy a decent TV and a new gen of gaming console with a game – and that's without the headache of BIOS, installation, trouble shooting and future issues.

  29. Tulip Mania as what's going to happen Denmark as a whole almost became bankrupt because of F-ing flowers

  30. We will buy a ps4 till this shit craze goes down

  31. In a way it almost is the future of currency, although it hurts me to say it as a PC gamer using a gtx960 and no way on earth can I afford to upgrade atm.
    Think of what currency makes the world go around?… yes it's the dollar, 80% of all oil is farmed mined or pumped if you like out side the usa but it's all traded by the dollar.
    Muammar Gaddafi had the crazy notion of creating a new currency for middle east oil currency and even tho he was a murdering bastard for years before the USA stepped in, killed him his family etc and took over to save the dollar.

    What does that tell you ?

  32. I know what he means by $200 gtx 1050 went to 400 dollars and screwed me out of an upgrade and i cant offord a new gpu to upgrade my 750ti

  33. Am i asking too much huh ? I just want to play "video games" ! I feel like being among audience ! I want to be in there – Building my own pc 😒 but i just cant

  34. Doing damage? Are you fucking moron?

  35. Hey now that i think of it.
    I live in europe and ordered most of the base of Ashanir (my pc) from a german website since i live around there in that corner.
    On every article when buying online and in person at their shop, you can not buy more than 10 (i think it was 10) of the same article.

    What IF the shops set a limit for graphic cards that one customrr can buy? Lets say 2 or 3. Thats still a lot for one order considering you could just place a second order but maybe setting a cooldown for one product for the same customer would help.
    But then you can just buy 3 of msi for example and 3 of gigabyte or so.

    Now i need to stop midway typing this because this doesnt help either.
    Im also worried about the community and im still partially a pc enthusiast so ill leave this here to express my worrying and care.

    I dont really know either what we could do about this except maybe hoping that the mining thingie value loses extreme value and people dont make a profitable amount of money anymore for things to go back how they were if not even just slightly better.

  36. PC gaming is dead now… Monero just killed it by forking asic chips off their mining site, pushing em to Monero classic. This will have asic guys rebuy GPUs to get in on the decreased hash rate from the reset few days ago.

  37. Tariffs are going to make this worse.

  38. Man, I just want to play modded Skyrim. I’m completely new to PC building and this whole thing is tempting me to just get a pre-built.

  39. yes i will stick with my ps vr for vr gaming for now. sorry oculus and rift

  40. Im way against it, because, as you said, its obviously being abused and ive wanted to get a gaming PC but i never got to because of cryptocurrency.

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