LearnDash Review – Pros, Cons, Comparisons – Most In-Depth Learning Management System Review (2018)

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In this LearnDash review, I will go through everything that you would want to know before choosing LearnDash for your learning management system.

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  1. Hi Adam, You mentioned that you would be doing a very detailed Learndash tutorial… going into all aspects in a more instructional and detailed way, and not just a general precis that I believe you mentioned you were doing with this video. When do you plan on doing such? if its not too much to ask, can you put it high up in your priority listing? Thanks…. btw, great video!! (y)

  2. Can you compare this to wplms theme?

  3. Adam, you wanted one site for your website. But you actually have two: Your main website which contains your blog, forum, and paid courses – with its own login. And your Facebook group/forum – which has its own login. So your users still have to deal with two websites and two logins. And of course you now have two forums. This isn't so different from many membership websites with courses – including Social Learner or Astra plus a Forum. If anything, a single forum makes discussion easier.

  4. Adam, thank you for this great video. It serves its purpose in its true meaning. Your intention to assist non-techies gets you a big thumbs up.

  5. hello David, i have question; do you have any tutorial for creating an event website? Thanks for your answer

  6. Happy to hear that you think LearnDash is a worthwhile LMS solution now. The Astra integration is wonderful. I also purchased a few Uncanny Owl plugins that integrate with LearnDash.

  7. Great video Adam…. Hate to sound needy 🙂 but any eta on the Learndash tutorial? I am so looking forward to getting started.

  8. hey thanks alot for this great video. what do you think about wplms theme and Education WP – these are best sellers in theme forrest. could you recommend one of them or you think that the option that you give is the best ?

  9. Hi! Really like this video! Does learndash work fine along with Ultimate Membership Pro?

  10. Thank you so much, Adam, your videos have taught me so much about how to create my own website, how to choose a service, and what to look for in different products. You are my go-to-person when I want to make sure I'm doing things right. Thanks a lot again!

  11. I am very frustrated by LearnDash course builder (new one) after using LifterLMS builder !

  12. Hi, Adam i have a quick question. When someone registers on your site and does not pay the subscription fee. The user profile is created in the WordPress user profile. This eventually blocks the username, is there a way to only add users after a payment is completed ?

  13. got it, thanks Adam for the quality reviews 🙂

  14. When i needed a LMS i checked your video of LifterLMS, did not feel right to me, then i try LearnDash, and this LMS is really nice and inspire more trust for me than Lifter LMS.
    I'm glad that you will make some videos on it, even if i'm use to it right now i may learn one thing or 2 😉

  15. How do you record your videos?

  16. dear sir your videos are extremely helpful thanks for that.. please make a tutorial how to create a social media platform like facebook in WordPress.

  17. This is a great review of LearnDash. I started setting up LearnDash a few weeks ago. Your video is better than most of the training videos provided. Looking forward to the other videos you will be doing on LearnDash.

  18. Great review! Thank you so much.
    I haven't used lifterLMS but am quite happy with LearnDash, especially since they launched the new builder. I was amazed to see how well Astra theme is ready for LD as well, wow! But it's fair to say that with Generate Press + Learn Dash + Visual Customizer (premium LD plugin) you can give it a personal and professional touch as well.

  19. Thanks a lot Adam – very helpful/ I've kinda started with LifterLMS already, but I will take a look at your LearnDash tutorials as they are released.

  20. Hi Adam! This is Niket from India. What are your views on the WPLMS Theme with included LMS? They say it is better than Learndash in some aspects. I'd love if you could share your perspective on that. It would really help me make a decision in selecting the right theme/plugin. Thanks 🙂

  21. Great Video! Can't wait for the upcoming content 🙂
    Could you also please focus on the ability to control the front-end language and RTL settings? For example, if I want to install WP and LearnDash in English but all my content, courses and lessons will be in Hebrew, Do you have the option to change the labeling on everything on the front-end?

  22. Can you substitute Astro Pro (Pro features) with Elementor Pro 2.0 since it gives you most of Astra flexibilities?. (Astra, Elementor, and LearnDash only)?

  23. Thanks Adam. It looks like we will be missing just the ability to use voucher and also doing course bundling. Is there a work around that you can show us through some of the add-ons in learndash?

    I like the learndash option because for $189 I get all the payment gates and I can use for 10 sites whereas I will need to buy a single PayPal gateway for $99 when using lifter Lms and can only use that for one site.
    If you can show us how to incorporate the voucher element as well as course bundling into learndash that will really help

  24. Adam, you have done it again! Some more great information form the WordPress​ master.

  25. Adam you don't need to justify anything including a referral fee.

  26. few hours ago I finished watching about LifterLMS and here's Adam with new one

  27. Oh god.. Do I watch this, or do I stay the "course" with Lifter?!?!?

  28. i finished the lifter tutorial yesterday, but i will see this one…

  29. I have tested this vs Lifter and I prefer using LearnDash as my preference. Awesome video again Adam! 👍🏼

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