Linux Backup with Graphical Programs

Grsync and LuckyBackup are the best GUI backup programs in Linux. Rsync is probably the best tool to make backups in Linux, but if you are uncomfortable …


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  1. Time-code:
    1:33 Grsync
    12:14 LuckyBackup
    Backup and Restore with rsync (command line):

  2. Hello ALU ! There are plenty of backup tools: Amanda, Areca, Bacula, BackupPC, Backupninja, Fwbackups, MondoRescue and then you still have the command lines like cpio, dd, dump and restore, and tar.
    Or, you can use an FTP server and an FTP client like FileZilla for drag and drop or better configure and use a NAS !
    Best regards,

  3. Another great tool is Duplicity (or Deja Dup) which is what comes with the GNOME desktop.

  4. Nice Video as always!
    for improving your video i suggest you to improve audio quality,it is not that good.

  5. Thank you ALU for this video.

    I use BackInTime for my data and config files and do Clonezilla images for all the system – both very reliable and stable. Someone told me that if you have your backup on one drive (eg. external) only, then your database does not exist. Therefore I plan to use Spideroak.
    As on your theming issue I recomend to change your theme directory for /usr/share/themes/ I had similar problem and this was the solution.
    The only problem with Clonezilla which I had was with my LUKS encrypted drive. Theoretically it is compatible with LUKS but practically it does not work. Do you do your encrypted drive images?
    When I was using Windows (do not need it anymore) I had very good program called O&O DiskImage. It was possible to mount my disk image as virtual disk and restore particular files without restoring entire image. I wonder if that would be possible with Clonezilla. I need to of course install it on my system before trying.

  6. Funny how Joe also uploaded a backup video one hour later (script):

    Nice video ALU.

  7. Thanks for this! I've learned so much with your videos, greetings from Chile!

  8. Another really great video — thanks again, ALU!

  9. Sorry for my request – i am german – i like to hear real english
    can you please improve your english speaking ?
    it sounds like a computer^^
    it is not ment about Your information about linux

  10. I'm pretty sure that the "Verbose" option is there to give you a more information-rich output while it's processing

  11. Thank you for the video, ALU! I am running Solus, so neither Time Shift, nor Lucky Backup are available for me. However, grsync is avaliable. I will play around a bit with it, now that you have explained so throughoutly what to do and what not to do. Дякую за вiдео, брате! 😉

  12. Thank you.
    Best regards!

  13. Rsync are one Tools to make backup but it’s not the best .. look for borgbackup!!!

  14. Nice and thank you for that ! it could be cool to present some live usb solution to completly backup & restore your whole system disk, as Clonezilla or other 😉

  15. "Change bootscreen splash image" <Plymouth> would be a good idea 😛

  16. For Windows users, if they want to access files on ext3/4 partitions, they can use this tool
    Thanks for another great video!

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