LIVE: Amazon Tube, Apple Homepod, Linux Spectre Fix is Garbage! EP606

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Amazon Tube (Open Tube) is coming for YouTube, the Apple Homepod is here and ready to battle with Google Home/Amazon Alexa and Linus Torvalds calls …

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  1. Bro apple dont store data and use it .. google it bro

  2. Unscheduled stream!!! 606!

  3. I think you'll really like experimenting with Ubuntu mini. I actually just installed it on my main box as my long-term daily driver (well, until 18.04 comes out…then I'll likely have to decide on whether try an upgrade or do just do a reinstall..). One thing to note for me was: after the install is done, it is not as minimal as I was expecting, but I don't think I would necessarily consider that a bad thing. It has been running fantastic for me and I really dig not having a bunch of stuff already pre-installed for me that was decided by someone else. You basically get the essentials and nothing more.
    Anyways, dug the vid. Hopefully I can make it to one of the live streams, if I am up early enough:P I'm a pretty new sub, so I am still kinda getting accustomed to the freq/schedule you tend to put out vids. Thanks man!

  4. Will you be streaming on Saturday?

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