Look @ Bodhi Linux 4.4.0 – “Moksha,” Yiddish 4 “Enlightenment”

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Look @ Bodhi Linux 4.4.0 – “Moksha,” Yiddish 4 “Enlightenment” I look at Bodhi Linux 4.4.0, released December 9, 2017. Bodhi Linux is based off of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and tracks the hardware…

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  1. Looks very nice. Peppermint has a panel reset option. Very handy.

  2. Thanks for uploading Ez….. looks like a nice, VERY configurable desktop distro…. would you say for the intermediate user as opposed to the vast pool of beginner stuff out there?

  3. Just finished watching your video. I know the feeling, you want to keep a video short but always find something worth to mention. I watch videos to the End, just to make sure I am not missing these little hints 😉

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