Mi TV 4A 32 & 43 – Launch Show

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Missed the launch show? We got you covered. Check it out now! #MiTV4A #SwitchToSmart.

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  1. Worst after sales service ,worthless customer care team who gives false assurances to vustomers

  2. #miindia_stigma_on_ecommerce #mistore_worst_after-sales_service. @xiaomiindia MI loots india and sends poor product to customer and when the customer complains, it does not replace it and provide worst after-sales service. #xiaomiindia_loots_india. @xiaomiindia

  3. Is Tamil is in 15 language

  4. Can buy this mi tv 4a 32 inch on home store in pune

  5. Bhosdk wale black marketing krte MC…k bachhhe

  6. Public intni preshan h… tumhari service s….stock pura q nhi rkh pate ho

  7. Itni ghatiya service h apki

  8. Bhosdk walo kbhi flash sale KB khatam kroge

  9. Sony liv app has stopped working on my Mi 4A Tv 43 inch….not able to watch any sony shows…!!

  10. bkwas …..mil hi nhi rha

  11. Please do something to increase your supply since at present
    Demand > Supply ….
    Stop flash sales and start continuous sales…

    What's the use if one has the money, wants to buy the product, but is unable to own the product at his wish due to stock completion in just a few seconds of sales???

  12. Flash sale q rkhte ho… BC

  13. Worst tv because screen quality is not good …

  14. Idea of doing Flash Sales is not good……Please listen to this as well.

  15. sir help mera paas mi 4a 32 ka hi mera tv black line aata hi screen adjustment nahi hai kya

  16. U should not be proud of getting out of stock in 10 sec…Rather improve your stock availablity..

  17. Sir please display setting digiye mi TV 4a (43 inch ki)

  18. Sir,Please install my mi tv 4a I already requested for installation but installation not done

  19. Mouse and keyboard Ko kaise connect karate h please help me

  20. Amazon Prime & Netflix support missing

  21. I got tv last 2 days…i called in mi help center twice in day… But they said mi tv engineer contact you …i wait whole of the day but no one contact me…how to contact engineer… I am waiting last 2 days but how to install…very poor service.. Please help for tv installation

  22. I hope Xiaomi will being its hugely successful Mi Smart Speaker to India. Imagine controlling your Mi TV with voice…Of course that will require Xiaomi to invest in Indian firms specialized in English/Hindi recognition programs. More investment, more products to Indian customers and more revenues for Xiaomi…win-win.

  23. Mi tv 4A not a use at Bluthooth headphone and this tv is not a caper at Bluthooth tv remort its. A so so sad 😏😣😏😏😣

  24. dont buy Mi tv. They absolutely have no service, if there is any issues with the TV

  25. if can possible to release any 48 inches tv for you side sir

  26. Till now i cant get the TV bcoz of flash sale

  27. I hate the remote how could we switch the channel if we want to go directly on 1 from 400

  28. Despite being such a feature rich TV it lacks a web browser and Youtube! Atleast it could have taken it's home from mi tv box. It would have been better then.

  29. am bought a mi tv 4a 32inch display color is very low….samsung and haier tv is so goood compared to mi tv 32inch

  30. Flipkart par flash sale bahut bada dhoka hai.
    1 minute me out of stock!

  31. aisa mat karo 5sec mai hi stock out ho jata hai aisa thodi hota hai😒😒😒😒😒

  32. stock badhao yaar🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  33. Don't buy this TV I purchase 32 and 43 inch TV both resolution are very worst.comparing to other TV's in India .

  34. Why do you increase the price each week without selling a single product without the F-CODE ?

    Lets look at Redmi5A, which offered from 4999, then jumped to 5999 and now Flipkart shows maximum price is 6499 for the Redmi 5A (Blue, 16 GB) (2 GB RAM) .

    So what we as a customers should understand ? Your TV price for 32 inch is 13999, and if you look at Flipkart they are saying MRP is 15999. I assume if anyone buy the TV or Phone would have paid 6499 and 15999 or may be higher. Good luck with your Nonsense Sales.

    Thank you.

  35. Whose stuff educator tunnel ill craft emergency funny identical copy whereas.

  36. Hi i received the TV yesterday as promised it is an good product but i just wanted to know where is the hotstar,hungama apps located? And how do i install Android apps on it? Pls get back

  37. mi xiomi product are very good.and I have 6 handset of mi.
    but i m not satisfied his service
    company says 6 month warranty on spare parts but service center charged for spare under waraanty

    our product is only 3 month old and service
    my job sheet WXIN1803150007602
    my only one question for you if mi xiomi doesn't cover warranty on his product then why company give warranty if company will be charge for sprae warranty under warranty period…..don't need to written on his bill 6 month warranty on spare ,, do not need to lie …
    and service center give jobsheet after 3 days after foced for bill……..why

  38. I loved your all products …but not loving the Flash Sale concept…Its so irritating…That's why other will compit you & people will be diverted towards them…because of flash sale concept…
    Please try to resolve it …

  39. It's a kind request to xiaomi to give pre installed google services in this tv series.

  40. in Flipkart delivery option is not available on my address plz tie with other online shopping apps plz

  41. What about most favorite app if kids i.e. YouTube.. it's not available..

  42. Plz tell i want to but ittt

  43. Nikal bhosdike …Bhenchod sale chutiya bnate h flash sale chakkar m pagal ho gya

  44. अरे तोहर माई के चोदो फ्लैश लगाता है कि ड्रामा करता है रे मादरचोद हर सप्ताह मेरा आधा घंटा बर्बाद करता है इसकी मां का चोदो 10 फोन ले करके बैठता है रे मादरचोद फ्लैश सेल में रंडी का औलाद गांड में दम नहीं है फोन बनाने का तब किस लिए फ्लैश सेल लगता है मादरचोद हम 4 सप्ताह से कोशिश कर रहे हैं रेडमी नोट 5 प्रो लेने के लिए मादरचोद के पास फोन है नहीं और बोलता है कि 10 सेकंड में 300000 फोन बेच दिया

  45. TV connect only av cable with dish videocon

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