Millions Of Smart TVs Could Be Hacked, Track Personal Viewing Habits | NBC Nightly News

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Consumer Reports found that “a relatively unsophisticated hacker” could turn the volume up, change channels, or play videos. Many of these TVs also track personal viewing habits after users…

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  1. WHO CARES???.Do you really think someone is going to hack you to scare you by turning up the volume or changing the channel?? GIVE ME A BREAK PEOPLE!!

  2. All you need to do is disable any voice recognition in settings that’s it but my bet is that nobody wants to “SPY” on you or hack you and if you know your router and have an IQ over 40 then you know how to figure out who hacked you it’s very very simple . It’s the same with your phone ! If you suffer from severe paranoia simply disable Siri and any other voice recognition but my bet is that most wont ! So then somebody can hack you ! And listen in . Again do you really have anything interesting going on in your life that somebody would be interested in listening in on NO! You can disable your router from your phone so if you are at work and think somebody is HACKING your pressure devices simply disable your router or use the router in a very very intelligent way ( not going to tell you how ) to figure out if and who is trying to hack you

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