Mobile Player Vs. PC In Fortnite Battle Royale!

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Download War Robots 6v6 PvP game and get an AWESOME Starter Pack! Get It here! Today Lachy and I team up with one mobile, on PC, …

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  1. For anyone wondering why we put Lachy on Mobile instead of me, we figured that the game doesnt look really as nice on Mobile, and I wanted to have a nice looking video for you all 🙂 Its so much fun just watching people who are struggling with those mobile controls haha!

  2. One time while I was playing fortnite I took down a squad, alone, only with a tactical shotgun. Also at the end I had 1 hp

  3. I'm decent with mobile I've learned to live with it because my really bad lagg you guys have nothing on me scary really and my device is not small extra extra samll it's so hard but I'm decent especially with bolts

  4. I play mobile better than u!!!! That’s an achievement

  5. “There is no way i could take two on 1 on mobile” BRUH i have killed squads on mobile but i must admit when i go against pc or ps i get butt raped

  6. U can switch around the controls

  7. I’m f I play on mobile a lot it gets easy

  8. I am a mobile pro player I suck at pc

  9. Anyone wanna play with me on Mobile? Names Siszaqez79

  10. Hey easy on the mobile players that’s the only way I can even play

  11. If they had controler support on mobile it would be great then we can play on the move that would be even better……

  12. U did it wrong your suppose to sponsor war robots at the end of the video.

  13. I’ve been playing war robots for 2 years!! It’s a really good game if you’re good at it

  14. If you add me I can teach you some tricks TSM_RKM9494

  15. My friend only plays mobile and he is a god at it

  16. war robots my name is griffin

  17. My friend claims he's the greatest mobile player of all time his username for mobile is Skillzchicken76

  18. Play with me people at my school say I’m one of the best mobile players. blazebro779

  19. I friend request is on you boy

  20. Muselk can you say to Lachy play with me my name is Kyleulric

  21. If pc and mobile connect the enemy is hard for the mobile player

  22. You have to be skilled to be on mobile

  23. Why is his name muselk?

  24. I never actually heard Lachlan curse without it being bleeped before this

  25. PLEASE READ ACCEPT MY FRIEND REQUEST NAME CardinalchaosWRB PLEASE accept I wanna play with at least 1 YouTuber so pls

  26. Mobile is SO much easier, with those footstep things and chest things because I am basically deaf with my hearing

  27. I play on mobile and pc I’m good on both

  28. I’m the best mobile player in my school

  29. I play on mobile and i have 35 Windows and i am very good

  30. 9:36 who else is watching in season 4 just thinking R.I.P. dusty and factories

  31. lachy mobile is better than my pc lol

  32. I have never heard Lachlan curse before

  33. btw i do not know much about this but i have played war robots for 4 or 5 yrs off and on and i know that the gameplay featured was not his and i did not see him give credit
    btw the clip with the lancalot was actually from a youtuber named phenoix

  34. I play on mobile and it is good am already used to it I am good

  35. 12:58 WTF IS THAT GIANT TARGET??? Was this Epic’s meteor trajectory clues???

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