Moto X4 Durability Test | Screen Scratch Test | Screen Drop Test

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This video shows how durable Moto X4 is. Get full and original replacement parts for Moto X4 at In this video I’ll do durability…

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  1. Can moto g5s plus speaker attach to moto x4???
    As moto x4 has very low sound

  2. Back cover is corning gorilla glass.

  3. Ihate the crack but ilove the colour /silver

  4. Honestly that screw thing was stupid.

  5. Uma pá de gente aí precisando de celular ele quebrou um

  6. Eu tenho é show de bola 👌🤓

  7. I cried when you scratched the finger sensor

  8. You're no Jerry……..😉

  9. I liked because of the fun running part. I'm still laughing

  10. Buddy that's was an amazing way to test the screen instead you might have just shaked the bag

  11. Sir plz add in water text in motto x4

  12. What About back glass panel?

  13. the first part "what does it made of" had me dying lol

  14. What's the porpouse of destroying a phone?
    Why don't you use an atomic bomb And finish your fucking video?

  15. Alguém mi informar se o moto X4 tem screed mirroring

  16. Quem é BR e tem Moto X4 dá like!

  17. A like for you funny running

  18. If frame scratched means we can't get warranty

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