New Gundam Breaker – PS4/PC – Snatchaway (Teaser Trailer)

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New Gundam Breaker will be available on 22nd of June 2018 on PS4 and for the first time on PC Digital! Enjoy the new trailer featuring Snatchaway by SKY-HI band, a perfectly fitting song for…



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  1. Oh great, lets hope it aint gonna be one of those MMO pay-to-get-shit genre…i had enough of those in World of Warships

    P.S: That being said, i hope Neue Ziel and Dendrobium would be here. Those are my personal favorites….besides Sazabi which should be in the game hopefully….

  2. Looks really cool, but considering that you have to collect parts for your gundam, I can only pray it doesn't heavily rely on pay to win

  3. Need it on Xbox one!!!

  4. Yaaaaas! FINALLY ON PC!!!!

  5. I feel like a battle royal style gundam game would be cool

  6. Looks like the customization can fill the void left by custom robo.

  7. It feel like Monster Hunter in the first scene where the giant Gundam is just randoming around instead of looking for you

  8. Love the trailer, hate Hazel's fanny pack.

  9. Gundam Build Fighters game. Awesome

  10. Hell I'd like it we got All the gundam games . I dont need them to be dubbed subs will do just fine. I just want to play gundam games

  11. Whitelight dragon gundam

  12. Now we need gundam versus on PC please Bandai <3

  13. Finally a PC Gundam game, I'm happy they finally showed love to us.

  14. Finnnnnnaly Gundam woohoo!

  15. I hope that kyrios or arios or harute or archer can be transform to fighter

  16. Would also be pretty neat if one could transfer the gunplas from Breaker 3.

  17. Really hope that there is a legit pvp mode…. Want to have some challenge besides slaughtering armies of weaklings after all.

  18. Namco/Bandai have heard my silent prayers for both a Gundam Game on PC and a Custom Mech game on PC.

    If the PC Port is well managed and high quality they can have massive wads of my cash. This will scratch an itch I've had since the PS2 era and then some.

    More Gundam on PC is definitely in order, too. More serious gundam games as well as side-series like Breaker.

    Don't mess this up, I so desperately want this to succeed where Front Mission Evolved had failed. PLEASE don't ruin this chance.

  19. Should I just pre order on Amazon?

  20. I'm gonna biy the living hell out of this game

  21. yep i gatta buy a ps4 now i miss gundam breaker the frist on on ps3 was epic

  22. game….

  23. Nice, someone's still making PS2 games! 🙂

  24. if only it was for xbox as well

  25. Is this Gundam build fighter in a game? XD hype is real.

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