New iOS 12 beta 3 features / changes! [9to5Mac]

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What’s new in iOS 12 beta 3. New features and changes include the following: New Voice Memos UI on iPad Share Photos app content via expiring link …

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  1. hope they put screen flip 90° auto ask mode, so we dont need to first unlock screen flip te see video wild screen… pff if you know what i mean.

  2. Does it run better than beta 2 on iPad?

  3. anyone here maybe experience the same with me. my iphone 7 sometimes starts appear like pixelated red and green square in the screen inside the 3rd apps like line and ig. not always appear but just sometimes. this happened after i installing the beta 2. anyone know if this is a software issue or hardware?? thank you

  4. Can’t find the copy link on my Photos App. Just updated to iOS 12 Public Beta 2

  5. Hey Jeff, when the electra jailbreak for ios 11.3.1 will you be doing a Perfect iPhone series again? That series was personally my favorite and i'd love to see it come back and I hope the community does too!

  6. it's really hard to follow which phone/version is which. Some sort of visual identifier would be very helpful.

  7. Thank God carplay is fixed 🙌🏼

  8. Amazing how you can spot even the smallest of detail between each ios changes.. 4 thumbs up 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  9. cant play fortnite again ! 🤦🏾‍♀️

  10. Feature 😬what feature!! Not excited about iOS 12

  11. Great video. Would’ve been clearer if you let us know which was the updated version. You let us know what changed but not always which phone we’re looking at.

  12. I really want iPads to have the measure app and the camera stickers! Have these arrived in the new beta yet??

  13. The share link is nice. You no longer have to message images to people. Should be more efficient.

  14. Very clear and simple, good job!

  15. Apple lost it a long time a go.

  16. That’s odd, I wasn’t presented with the option to share a photo with a link.

  17. When I press the power button and then go to unlock my phone the clock doesn’t show and neither does the Face ID lock at the the top.

  18. I’m not able to find restrictions section in settings, please help me out. I want to turn off in app purchases. I’m currently using iOS 12 beta 3 on iPhone 7 Plus

  19. Great video 👍🏼 Thanks for sharing.

  20. I love voice memo! Girls record naughty audios for me to jack off to.

  21. The share link photo feature reminds me of the original iPhone. That was the only way to send pictures.

  22. Please Apple FFS add the dark mode to iOS 12 and remove that stupid sound volume square from the middle of the screen.

  23. But still no sign of a dark mode

  24. I’m so excited to try ios 12😍❤️

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