Nomachine streaming pc to switch demonstration FighterZ gameplay

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You can find my tutorial on

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  1. I like your computer set up, what kind of case are you using?

  2. How did you do that? I would like to try it out. Please tell me 🙂

  3. Ma una guida in italiano? non capisco come devo procedere con NOmachine

  4. Never heard of "NoMachine" before. Is it better than other Streaming apps (like Moonlight, Rainway and so on)?
    Seem to have a very low latency. Looked fully playable to me. Impressive!

  5. Now I can take a shit and play DBFZ!

  6. Awesome, getting Switch next week!

  7. Nice rig, do you mind telling me what motherboard you have ?

  8. Il delay sembra essere davvero minimo, fantastico!!

  9. First
    EDIT: Haters gon hate. But they hate us cuz they anus

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