Note 8 vs Pixel 2 XL: The Best Android

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Should you get a Galaxy Note 8 or Pixel 2 XL? Check out the video to find out! Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: Pixel 2 XL Review:…

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  1. I've always had Iphone, sometimes I'd use a Samsung. Then I tried the pixel 2 xl and im amazed at how good it is. I don't miss my iPhone at all

  2. You are so bias
    How can pixel beat the note in battery and you declare the note the winner. WTF

  3. Agree. As a Note 5 owner I'm now considering buying a Note 8. No other phone comes anywhere near my preferred choice, no matter how many nano seconds slower it is to open apps/camera or if the battery life is 30 mins worse off, whether the finger print sensor is in the wrong position. IMO every other premium phone is exactly the same as the next. I am King Arthur and the sword in the stone is the mighty S Pen every time! Would seriously consider the Pixel if it had a stylus. My mind is made up now, it always was TBH..

  4. Pixel 2XL has stock Android, faster updates and a marginally better camera but other than that Samsung beats it hands down. 2 XL's screen is junk, has connectivity issues, no expandable storage and no headphone jack.

  5. samsung is full of bloatware, all those samsunga apps are useless, screen looks good but brakes so easy, not buying another samsung again

  6. I really think you should have a more accurate scoring system than "this one wins this entire category". You clearly state that many of the categories only had a slight edge to one side, yet they get the whole category with no credit to the other phone? Your conclusion doesn't accurately represent your analysis. Maybe you could give points out of five for each phone in each category, and then just add up the points. That way a "slight edge" wouldn't ultimately translate to a substantial one like it does with your current system.

  7. Battery category was fucking retarded. This is exactly why I don't watch techno Buffalo videos. Aside from the fact that it's stupid to test the battery that way since no one uses their phone like that you yourself said the pixel 2 lasted longer. What the fuck idiot?

  8. I have an s8, but I'm considering getting the Pixel 3 when it comes out, I'm assuming, in Oct.

  9. Redmi note 5 pro vs Nokia 7 plus

  10. I went from the original Pixel XLto the Note 8

  11. A phone without a jack will never be a winner.

  12. John, I just wanted to say that I love your videos. I have been going to your videos for what seems like a decade for all my tech info. Its amazing how far you guys have come since you sitting in your apartment in front of one stationary camera. Keep up the great work!

  13. "better" really just comes down to needs analysis of your customer. With these great devices your "better" is just your opinion.

  14. got the XL2 today for 1/2 the monthly price of the Note.
    thank you for helping me to decide,
    You rock.

  15. I see the N64 on the table in the background

  16. I learned yesterday that the the note 8 can connect 2 Bluetooth devices at once. Even Apple can’t do that. I traded my iPhone 7Plus for a Samsung Note 8. I also love the new Google lens feature. Android has come a long way. Google just keeps getting better and better. Just like you I really enjoy the S pen. Samsung now has a tablet that come with an S pen. Samsung Tab S 3 9.7 you can even buy a keyboard case for it.

  17. You will be waiting for those updates for software for the note 8 as you would for the pixel

  18. im pissed off w/ the biased review of this guy…hands down pixel 2 xl was better in terms of battery life…sure samsung payed this guy

  19. I see a lot of people have the note 8 including myself. It seems the note 8 is selling very well. Im glad people are wise enought to know the extra money is definately worth the overall experience you get from the note 8. Imo this is the most beautiful and capable phone ever made. I am beyond impressed with this phone. I recommend the note 8 to ayone who has a taste for flagship smartphones.

  20. Watching this on my note 8. Incredible experience..

  21. Can someone tell me the wallpaper on Note 8 at 2:40 and 8:38 ?

  22. Great review till the last few minutes the voice from the new presenter makes me sleepy

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