Official Galaxy S9 and S9+ launch video surfaces early

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Official Galaxy S9 and S9+ launch video surfaces early /LEAKS is the one and only tech leaks focused aggregator…

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  1. Watching this on my S9 plus Lol

  2. Good quality video! Persevere with making good content and you can expand really fast! Subscribe to our channel and we shall subscribe to you!


  4. So basically, it's a Lumia 950, but with Marketing and Media approval

  5. Im all for samsung, way better than apple, but i dont really see a massive difference. Ill wait till 10, i love my s8 tho 👌👌👌 i feel like im not even using it to its full potential still and ive had for a year lol

  6. still the battery is SHIT !

  7. They didn't make it more interesting enough so that the fanboys and girls should have their fancy on the GalaxyX (S10) for next year hahaha

  8. why this video is not same as the official vision?

  9. I think this video is better than the official introduction


  11. Samsung Changed The Opening Scene and some other ones and the narrator on the one shown at world Congress

  12. CASEFANATIC already have a variety of cases for Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus to choose from to fit your style.

  13. This is just hype. Camera quality on the slow mo is quite bad on their site. No thanks.. Not paying a fortune for cheap quality..

  14. I know that samsung was salt for this getting leaked

  15. Piece of shit to dig.

  16. Iphone 6s is STILL GOOD

  17. “ The Phone Reimagined”
    Fuck me!
    What the fuck is "reimaginet" at it?
    Do you really think that we are stupid?
    When you drop it… well… then you are "reimagined"
    Make a phone that doesnt brake !!! then it will be "Reimagined"
    Did you know that samsungshit makes more money selling spare parts for this kind of phones (touch, display, back pannel), yep! "reimagine" that.
    That's what they want, money, money, money!
    FUCK SAMSUNG !!! and their bullshit lyes!

  18. Okay, as someone who gives presentations, Samsung Dex would be an nice feature to have.

  19. Yep I'm keeping my Note8. LOL


  21. Like my old Motorola Lapdock Laptop

  22. Does he not know how to say "mobile"???

  23. Same phone but #reimagined 😂😂😂
    Is it science fiction….where we just imagine…🤣

  24. You fucked up…. I hate curved edge, my partner hates it, my other friends hate it too…….. So decided we give on this excellent but very irritating phone and go for other brand! See you back when you stop this curved bullshit what makes the phone unprecise. I dont have the time or patience sometimes in critical moments to correct the faulty buttons and I just give up on what I wanted to do, probably about 20 times minimum per day, thanks to you… GOOD LUCK, I hope to see you back in 2 years…

  25. Data protected Incase of falling into wrong hands unless those are the hands of the government

  26. This thing is completely trash😂😂😂

  27. Hey the company doesant slow down your battery as it gets older like apple

  28. As usual this will blow the flagship Apple iPhone out of the proverbial water.

  29. So nothing new? That’s pathetic. A couple things for businesses, not the vast majority of customers. Guess they can’t think of anything on their own, nothing new in the industry to copy and the things they do they can’t actually mimic

  30. Business really, if you aint business you ain't buying

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