Overview: Samsung NU8000 Series 4k LED TV – UN55NU8000

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This is our overview of the Samsung NU8000 series televisions. We used the UN55NU8000 for our video but they come in several sizes. For more details or to …

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  1. I have a samsung led tv which I bought back in 2011. The picture is amazing and 240hz refresh rate. Also has 3D, awesome for gaming. Would this be an upgrade to that model? I forget the model number but I can check when I get home. It also has a gloss screen that really makes the colors pop. Does this one?

  2. The motion is definitely not 240hz, that is just a marketing term (rule of thumb, take the number and divide it by 2) I am surprised that even the ABT guys get fooled by that

  3. How did you determine this is an 8bit panel?

  4. Is the TV better than the Mu8000 or MU9000?

  5. What would be the best HDMI to get the full potential out of this particular tv ?

  6. I'm patiently waiting for the review on the Samsung 55" NU8500 curved tv for 2018

  7. The stand design this year is so ugly looking, last years mu8000 had better overall design. Also, no OneConnect Mini Box? Got the 55MU800D for 680$ at Costco and love the image quality and the smart design choices of the tv with integrated cable management in the legs of the stand. Unless this TV is a lot better in image quality, a $700 mu8000 is a better decision.

  8. Is back light to 50 something new? I remember Samsung tvs stopping at 20

  9. What about 240 hz? Is that native? A new thing?

  10. Why no more one connect?
    How does this compare to the the MU models?

  11. How does the nu8000 compare to the mu8000 picture quality wise?

  12. Carl has the viewing angle been improved from last year and can local dimming be turned off? Great Video BTW.

  13. give us Sony and Panasonic TVs and the most important – face to face comparison!

  14. Abt  video are always to the point I have the Sony 65 A1 Oled that I got from Abt great company  there TV this year will be the Q9  going to get the Q9 cause its like a LED and OLED together Digital Trends did a video on it hope Abt do one also don't care about Samsung TV that can out 2 to 3 years ago or what  people read about TVs like to see the unboxing and the TV

  15. Just missing the one connect from last year but gaining Bixby and Smart things awesome

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