PC Building Simulator – Fixing Computers

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  1. Instead of wasting time on such a stupid ass game, get a job save up and go build real computer! HOLY SHIT WHAT A CONCEPT!

  2. Yep this is what it's come too.

  3. I don't get why this game requires you to move around a room and shit. What's wrong with menus?

  4. I've built at least 1000 computers in my life and mostly by harvesting from junked PC's. While it used to be my trade I think I would still enjoy building PC's for fun.

  5. Looks interesting gonna get this on my pc..

  6. It goes to show kids!! Check what your buying if it's compatible first! 🙂 Or else you'd be wasting money

  7. why in gods name will anyone make this game, lol jesus!!

  8. perfect game for console peasants

  9. So you said i can build NASA computer in my potato-ass PC?

  10. Great now i can fix some 1 PC when waiting for some 1 fix my PC

  11. "Sweet, I can go into negatives!" — Hears knock on door

  12. The first computer that u worked on looked like my grandmas pc

  13. i somewhat want to play this in vr.

  14. Lol who in the actual fuck is playing this retards idea of a game…. Brb… I'm gonna go build a model race car, inside my actual race car…..lol.

  15. In the kitchen wrist twistin like a stir fry

  16. I think the 970 actually does better than the 1050 it draws way more power tho

  17. That moment when wrong graphic card install is funny. F*** I give the better one hahahaha

  18. One of the most pointless games made

  19. Wow sims 5 looks amazing.

  20. Why was the power supply upside-down

  21. Everything looks fun except for that one blow job you did at 5:00.

  22. This is a ripoff from a android game lool

  23. 1050ti may be newer but it deff isn't better then a 970 lol good gameplay though

  24. Can you play games with the computer u build?

  25. when you need to build a pc to play pc building simulator xD

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