Pigeon Pop Android/iOS – Bird Games for kids – Gameplay ᴴᴰ

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Pigeon Pop is a funny Bird Games for kids, The ultimate bird game, timing is critical! Pigeon Pop is a fun tapping new game craze is insanely addictive. Control the pigeon as it dances and…

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  1. Pigeon Pop is a funny Bird Games for kids, The ultimate bird game, timing is critical! 🇦🇪🇦🇪😍

  2. The guy who plays this sucks

  3. i did not even found one person in the comment section saying that this game is great but yeah the reason for that is that this is stolen

  4. This is clearly plagiarism of keke's work. Even the game play is stealing their animation. Absolutely disgusting!

  5. Great stolen art you've got there, this is seriously not cool Fortafy.

  6. Pigeon Pop has straight-up stolen these animations from Kévin Gemin otherwise known as Kéké or kekeflipnote!

  7. Please don't support this game!! this is a plagiat of kékéflipnote's art !!!

  8. this game is an act of plagiarism, stealing the content of the amazing Keke Flipnote. To call it "the ultimate bird game" and "funny" is an insult to keke.

  9. The creators are thief, they stoled the animations frame by frame from a young artist, kekeflipnote. You should take down the video. Please out of respect.

  10. This is plagiarism of Keke Geminmin's art

  11. This game stole animations from kekeflipnote frame by frame and making money off his hard work. Please don't support this theft!

  12. Pigeon pop is mostly a plagiarism of Keke Flipnote art.

  13. A stole of the Kéké Flipnote Art. SHAME !

  14. Plagiarism of my art, nice … They'll got problems you can be sure.

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