Play on High with No Lag | Custom Graphics | PUBG Mobile Android

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Play on High with No Lag | Custom Graphics | PUBG Mobile Android *****New method***** ***** use this one***** What’s up guys! in this video I’ll show you how…

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  1. For Global and Chinese version
    One click unlock!

  2. I subscribe and like your video.
    I am using HONOR 9i 4gb ram 64gb rom i am lagging and its giving me dizzy how to fixed and what the problem

  3. God ur amazing it helped me alot!

  4. I can't understand the difference :/

  5. bro custom grafics r lagging

  6. LoL game is lagging more with custom graphics 😁

  7. Bro the side by side vid is diffrent the medium quality dosent lag as much as the costum quality

  8. กูทำตามไม่เห็นลื่นนนเลย

  9. And it makes it even more laggy thanks

  10. Can I get ban for doing this?..just asking…plz reply

  11. I ban for permanent he think im cheating for custom only

  12. The outro tho 😂😂😂

  13. Lol that costom is lagging too much to play

  14. Nice tutorial……I subs… my comment

  15. My phone lags on medium idk why

  16. mine is 4gb 2ghz but it still lag even on low

  17. I have Motorola Droid turbo and i have lag , can I run it smoothly in thisndevice

  18. it works in pubgm english version?

  19. Bro..can i have a the custom..bcuz my phone can only carry low graphic..can it carry custom?!

  20. Hey men.. My phone is Vivo v5s with 4 gigabytes of ram.. How could i make it smoother to play?

  21. I jst wanna know 1 thing..if we r already lagging on low graphics and medium graphics will this work?

  22. i did all the works u did but the game were playing so slow even i deleted and i reinstalled

  23. hey dude. do you want to be a Patna

  24. tnx bro u save me i play it in emulator bleustack N . its working .

  25. Wheres the config needed to be download?

  26. Bro background music is awesome

  27. Which file manager you are using??

  28. Guys, can anyone help me? My problem here is that my pubg mobile graphics keeps flickering. Like its blinking numerous times. I figured it'd be about it's graphics, but I already had all of it in low. And nothing works.

  29. too laggy for the custom

  30. The gameplay in your video is lagging more in custom settings. Than medium..

  31. Bro please help get higher frames and graphics with the latest update v0.3.3

  32. This shit lags you idiot

  33. What is that first song?

  34. It's not working. It resets automatically when opens the game

  35. Love the game but my shit lags constantly. Ang solutions?

  36. Do you have one for english version?

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