Playing PUBG on The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus! (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!)

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Playing PUBG on The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus! (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!) Playing PUBG on The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus! (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!) FACEBOOK/IG/TWITTER/SNAPCHAT: @PAPIGFUNK…

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  1. Let me know if you think PUBG looks good on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus!

  2. Is this snapdragon 845 or exynos 9810

  3. ITS OVER 9000 (aka god level)


  5. Is any one knows if this game will come to ps4 or not

  6. You are shit never heard of the aim button and single shot?

  7. It's all bots u do know that right?

  8. Intro: yo yo water you service me Papaji phone boss everybody (turn on subtitles)

  9. I can beat your ass any time of the day 😂😂

  10. Please announce the giveaway winner please announce I'm waiting

  11. I need a new phone i have a cheap phone craked plz can i have it thank you my name juan nunez hope i win

  12. i need a new subscriber plz help my channel grow

  13. If only I had a better device so I can have the best experience to all the games that are out there, that is why enter the giveaway hope I win this time👏👌

  14. My high school classmates enjoy playing PUBG Mobile on their smartphones, but I'm hoping that I will get PUBG Mobile on Google Play when my dad will give his Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to me and get the new Samsung Galaxy S9 for him on T-Mobile this June!!! I'm so excited to play PUBG Mobile!!! But, I might going to ask Epic Games to release Fortnite for the Android via E-Mail.

  15. Hey where is the giveaway winners of iPhone x Xbox PS4 Samsung galaxy s9 it's been almost a month plz tell the giveaway winners cuz I am trying from 2015 to win your giveaway plz tell or I am going unsubscribe

  16. When do the results of the Xbox one s giveaway come out?

  17. papi aim down the sight bruh !


  19. I would really like to win!!! It's to bad I won't 🙁

  20. Samsung Galaxy S9 Pleus

  21. What processor u using in s9+?
    snapdragon or exynos?

  22. Man you are good at this game

  23. Play Fortnite on your iPhone please

  24. I hope I win the Xbox one s giveaway BTW great vid bro I have a ps2 still bro plz🎮🤔🙏

  25. your the best @ThePapiGfunk

  26. You're a pro at this bro.😂

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