PS4 EXPLOIT 5.05 / 5.50 (TUTORIAL)

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  1. why we have to do this.

  2. Does it work for ps4 pro???

  3. it dont let me download it on that site

  4. I cant get in my fucking ps

  5. Bro it's I reload it say success but debug settings

  6. I have asked a lot of people and they said we do not know ……… What will Webkit Exploit benefit me

  7. Hey can we download games with this ??

  8. And what can I now do with that?

  9. How did you install debug setting in ps4 version 5.05 please let me know thank you

  10. Does not work for 5.50 :c

  11. sooo u can cheat in games

  12. When does the 5.01 update get Debug Settings

  13. hola lo que hiciste me ha funcionado ahora. ¿Qué tengo que hacer ahora?

  14. Pose me dizer você br ou gringo manw cada vídeo tá de um jeito aí me confunde quando sair online desbloqueado certo faz um vídeo grande ou por partes passo ah passo assim confunde muito

  15. Com esse vídeo já consigo acessar o debug do meu ps4 5.05?

  16. Boa sorte ai mano no desbloqueio

  17. There is not enough system memory .. What to do, please help

  18. Que música é essa do início do video???

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