PUBG MOBILE (ENGLISH VERSION) – On PC plus Mouse and Keyboard!

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In this video we get the NEW OFFICIAL PUBG MOBILE (ENGLISH game fully setup for FREE on your PC! Why? Well why not… This way you can use your low spec PC, use keyboard, mouse, have the…

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  1. This is what I was looking for 👌👌👌

  2. keeps crashing after i click the guest button . help

  3. may god have great good wishes to your pure good soul

  4. after everything it says " not compatible with your device" please help

  5. Fell bad for low end of gamers

  6. any one know why my pubg closes everytime i log in threw facebook, but works fine when i sign in as guest??

  7. U listen fortnite players ITS FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  8. im always stuck at 75% and it says you need to upgrade your graphics card,how can I change it?

  9. This didnt work for me pubg have updated there game

  10. Big thanks but I have one issue i can go 360 with my mouse
    Is there a solution

  11. 1v 1 me phones only bruh "get wrekt" 😂😂

  12. i don't know but why pubg is not using my graphic card..usage of my graphic card is just 5-10% and that's why my game is lagging alot.. plzz help me

  13. mouse movement is impossible to use

  14. I have trouble with mouse moving because sometimes it just stops working is there any way to fix that?

  15. dude what the hell the mouse sucks every time i try to move the crosshair it lags or just doesnt move pls help

  16. thank you so much my parents are struggling with money and I really wanted this game it cost 30 dollars and I got for free thank you so much

  17. Well, I have a problem, i have the bluestacks + N and it does not run the only thing that maybe is making it not run is that I'm using windows 7 instead of 10 any tips ?

  18. thought i was the only one Phew!

  19. How did you get that background

  20. Can i have your background?

  21. I have an 8 core processor yet it only allows me to choose 1 core in the settings menu.(AMD Ryzen 7 1700X)

  22. it's cheating dude don't promote this you are hurting the game

  23. I prefer NOX android emulator it is more games focused (friendly)

  24. i have problem it says 1 core i have 4

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