PUBG Mobile GAMEPLAY! — 13 Things to Know About PUBG on iOS & Android

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How does PUBG hold up when you put it on a phone? Surprisingly well, actually. But if PUBG isn’t your jam, then may we interest you in some Fortnite? SUBSCRIBE for…

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  1. i tried this lastnight and i love it. i can't wait to get this on pc for easier move controls but this is good. first game i got that nice chicken dinner!!

  2. I have a 4gb ram mali t830 gpu and a helio p25 processor which is little faster than sd 625 can i play it.

  3. Two noobs talking about what they don't know

  4. I recommend turning off autopickup, it's rely just so newer players don't run around naked with nothing because they couldn't figure out how to press on their screen, slight exaggeration but still

  5. Can I play it in offline

  6. Guys pubg mobile is not compatible in my ios ipad pls help me

  7. Very helpful. I watched this video 3 weeks back . now I am a pro . my rank – platinum 3 🙂

  8. Its cool except it lags like a motherfucker

  9. Someone on this earth please tell me how to enable lean. I DOWNLOAD the game
    from play store

  10. How to know if its a bot or not??

  11. Check out PhantomNorseman and the PUBG Kings.

  12. Lol I got 10 on solo and number 1 😂

  13. A is the lowest grade lol, SsS+ is the biggest grade you can get

  14. Time will fly by playing this game, it's alot of fun. Just when you play, make sure your comfortable and not being distracted in real life by anything cause at anytime you can die.

  15. And i like fortnite as well as fortnite, they both are awesome games😊😊

  16. In my second match of pubg in mobile,i got a win by 10 kills,can you all believe that?

  17. Easiest game ever. Just got 17 kills win on first match

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