PUBG | OFFICIAL Chinese PUBG ad (Translated to English)

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PUBG ad translated into English EDIT: This is purely parody of the whole “Red Army” meme, absolutely no hatred went into this video. China #1 Most voices done by me, other audio taken from…

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  1. china numer 1 hahahaha😄😆😆😆

  2. is this the only translation of the whole video "China no. 1"??bogus

  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. If china number one why am I a Canadian shitting all over this server


  6. I dont understand, why dosent the ad have framedrops?

  7. China numbah

  8. Feel like play sea server

  9. lmfao n yea saying china numba 2 or taiwan numba won is the best way 2 piss off a chinese moron, still working

  10. Fucking racist ass hole, go fuk urself.

  11. The production value holy shit

  12. There was no one named Hi Ping, I am highly disappointed and my day is ruined.

  13. sad. now is philippines numba 2! congrats china slow clap

  14. Fack you mada fucka china numbah wan

  15. Is this realy what it saids ?

  16. China is #1 in hacking that is finale.

  17. Asia sever in a nutshell

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