Redmi S2 Unboxing & Overview – Mi 6X mini ??

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  1. I guess it should be called Redmi note 5 pro mini 😉

  2. whats is the starting confirm price of redmi s2

  3. what is the price of redmi s2

  4. what is the price of redmi s2 (16gb)

  5. Laggy SD625.. it's boring

  6. It would be better for Xiaomi IMHO to release a Mediatek P60 based Mi A2S with a better camera than the upcoming A2.

  7. +++ only sim card not hybrid

  8. It has front or rear portrait mode? It has face unlock?

  9. Absolutely utterflop mobile
    Poor battery

  10. Buen video, yo me he comprado el Blackview P10000 Pro por su autoomia

  11. I don't like this device

  12. Hey can you please show a camera comparison with redmi note 5 or with mi6x..

  13. I like the phone I think it's a great value for the price

  14. Camera comparison with redmi note 5

  15. Keep watching and keep smiling 😄😄😄😊😊😊

  16. Mi 6x no only mi s2 contantet currect first

  17. Not describe all functions like. Front facing camera. LED flash front. Many things missing.. need improvement. Huge thumbs down.

  18. Bro keep it up made new unboxing videos as quick as possible 😍😍

  19. It's more of a stripped version of Redmi 5 Plus with a dual camera and thats about it. Price is even higher then 5 Plus if you compare it for hardware that mostly is same. S2 have 720p+ screen and 3000mAh battery but CPU is same and screen size is same and price is same or a bit over. Mi 6X will be with SD660 that is over 2 times more powerful then the old SD625

  20. Great unboxing and hand on review as usual

  21. Redmi s2 or mi6x lite

  22. This phone in 2018 is dumb 😆

  23. There was absolutely no reason for Xiaomi to release this phone… it’s basically the same as the note 5 and redmi 5 Plus….

  24. You're that damn fast : 😮

    Applause 👏

  25. It would be great if it would cme with helio p60 processor

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