RNG vs KZ – MSI 2018 Group Stage Day 1 – Royal Never Give Up vs Kingzone DragonX | LoL MSI 2018

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RNG vs KZ – MSI 2018 Group Stage Day 1 – Royal Never Give Up vs Kingzone DragonX – MSI 2018 Group Stage Day 1. Enjoy! -Subscribe to the channel: …

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  1. This year's MSI is actually pretty boring compared to previous ones.

  2. Everybody who says UZI is better than PRAY has no clue about the game.

  3. ppl as David Huang and MsXxxsad, who shake for lose, need to calm down for real. I hv watched most of both korean and chinese lol chams spring and I know both teams also hv a potential ability to do better performance. Just cheer for RNG if u r a RNG's fan.

  4. i think KZ will win msi champ undeafeted, Mark my word

  5. West: "Make a few mistakes, but punish theirs harder"
    China: "Make no mistakes"
    Korea: "Just outpace them: Make no mistakes + on a tempo they can't follow"

  6. If RNG had won that last team fight. Which I know was a long shot. But if they had taken 2 carries off the map they could have got inhibs up and been the stronger teamfight team.

  7. any team can't win through operations vs kz

  8. KZ reminds me of SKT a bit though I still feel SKT when dominant were much more clearly the best. Ofc SKT right now isn't so good but that's what happens I guess when your roster gets thinned out.

  9. KZ got the right plan and they started game successfully with Gorilla taking the early leads with TP,that decided all considering that enemy bot has no stun and Ez can still farm without big problems at bot, then KZ also got the first turret and then the second turret of top plus the rift herald, but RNG only got one turret and a fire dragon, so KZ got the start they wanted.
    Many supp main players after watching this are gonna try the changing spells mastery on their tank with stun supp, but it can work out only if your adc is still able to farm without losing too much cs, so Caitlyn or Ez will be the best choice for adc in order that this early supp strategy can work out

  10. uzi dont you play Vayne?

  11. It’s only game one . Rng will be the last team standing

  12. rng actually played so well. Uzi is a beast. KZ is just on another level it is beautiful to watch.

  13. Orn, is usseless rightnow in my opinion.

  14. RNG, they played very well especially the last fight but KZ.. they are monsters..

  15. the king zone massacre is already begun!

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