Samsung Galaxy S9 impressions, Sony Xperia XZ & more from MWC – Pocketnow Daily

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Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about our coverage of MWC 2018, and it obviously begins with the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. Then we talk about the Sony Xperia XZ2 and the…

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  1. Been waiting a long time for Sony to bring something competitive, and what do they do? They remove the headphone jack. Hard pass on that.

  2. s9 plus was going to take the attention @ mwc I hope the phone is worth the hype

  3. I am going to order going pre-order of the S9 Plus i have a Samsung galaxy s7 and i love it but it's time to upgrade and I know I'm going to love that phone no matter what anybody says

  4. Samsung S9/S9+ = PASS. I'm fine w/ my iPhone X & Samsung S8+

  5. It always makes me smile whenever a spanish speakers suddenly change their accents when saying spanish words

  6. Samsung?! What a joke 🤣

  7. Destination chamber hello pose stop endless silly ultimately sentence either

  8. I think it's time for people to stop complaining about the lack of headphone jack on Flagship Phones! Because in many countries, especially developing ones, you're expected to be Very Rich to be able to get a flagship phone. And if you willing to pay that much then you'll have no problem buying wireless headphones!

  9. NEWS update: Police reported Sony design team missing.

  10. I'm excited about the Huawei mediapads. Finally some good high-end Android tablets. And they look great with there aluminium build!

  11. What a weird way to pronounce your first name. I have a friend w the same name and it's pronounced differently

  12. Welcome to the Samsung paid fan channel followed by all the Samsung fans 😝😝😝😝😝
    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  13. Nice videos Sir 👌👌 nice videos of you today

  14. I'm not impressed by the S9 plus. I mean the cameras look promising, but other than that I don't see anything different from the S8 plus

  15. The s8 didn't do much for me. Nice but, not enough to spend the money. The s9+ with stereo speakers (! finally), better camera capabilities and a home screen that will rotate with everything else (finally!) has improved in areas that needed it and removed announces. I like it. If I can get a decent trade-in for my s7edge… If I could only convince Samsung to let the home screens continuously scroll like the old days, it'd be close to perfect.

  16. The matebook X is something I am gonna need

  17. I honestly don't know why others are hating on the S9. You can't keep expecting new designs and ridiculous features each year so this phone is great and I definitely want one. Also Samsung keep the same design for 2 years so I ain't complaining. IPhone 6-8 was just hardware changes and things removed and not many complained

  18. Not a major upgrade frm S8…… Found features to be gimmick……

  19. S9 nothing has changed if we take out the camera

  20. S9 looks pretty dope to me, my only complaint is that I wish the smaller varient also got the dual cameras

  21. If I ever leave Apple I'm getting any Sony phone ❤️

  22. There's a typo in the description – it's Blade V9, not Z9 (i know you guys are tired, just btw)

  23. I love how Samsung listened to reviews and seen ppl were like wtf the S6 looks so much sharper than the S8, and so they gave us variable apature to basically give us the best of both worlds, sharp and more light dependant on environment

  24. please bring back 16/9
    am i the only one the prefers it, you can still give it thin bezels and everything else, just a few millimeters wider and more screen real estate at the same diagonal measurement.

  25. did samsung buy the first batch of 845's again forcing lg, sony, oneplus and others to wait till may or june to launch their new phones.

  26. First of all the announcement show was laughable. When you have to guide people to clap you know you have nothing. The AR emojies looks HORIBLE. The super slowmo feature is bad quality and on top of the restricted to small recording time. The S9 is an small minor upgrade to the s8. So many beta products in the s9

  27. Waiting for note 9 … note8 user

  28. That VIVO phone.. man.. thats cool.. im kinda sad sony removed the headphone jack, and i acctually prefered last years design, but i gess the rest of the world prefers the infinite display thing.. I think it looks really cool on the compact though. good stuff

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