Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X! Which Should You Buy?

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Is Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Better VS iPhone X? Design, Display, Camera, Speed, Battery, Features & Complete Comparison Review. More Galaxy S9 Features: iPhone…

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  2. samsung always copy APPLE 🍎📱

  3. I wanted iphone x so bad.. but it was too much and i didnt wanna pay 1200$ for a phone but while the s9 came out.. the price was amazing and i really now like samsung, there prices are very good and quality is also amazing and so on.. it only costs 2999qr in my country (799$)..

  4. s9 in my opinion is better but who finds iPhone x better?

  5. I would go s9 if apple and Samsung decided to become one whole company and choose wether you want the iPhone or Samsung s9 , etc and have android on iPhone and iOS on android

  6. I like the Samsung s9 but iPhone x feels like a must need phone

  7. Samsung galaxy s9 wonsssss

  8. Shave that Bush under your chin.

  9. Haha he says "lilic purple"

  10. sorry but this did not seem like an honest review.

  11. Please stop selling your rubbishy smart TV to customer Samsung. People, there are so many other choices on the market and please don’t buy from Samsung. There is a knowing WiFi connection issue with Samsung TV ans Samsung knows it but not willing to fix. Why? Coz it cost them too much to fix. After you report this to them and they will send someone comes to your house and pretend to fix it and telling you it’s not fixable. And they start to avoid contact you and treat you like a fool. Because they know you are small and they are big. They know you can’t do anything about it. This is what Samsung do. If you search around their TV had this issue for years and this is what I’m experiencing right now. NO MORE SAMSUNG PROFUCT EVER SAMSUNG. I WILL REPEATEDLY POST THIS TO ALL SOCIAL MEDIAS AND LET EVERYBODY KNOW WHAT KIND OF COPANY SAMSUNG IS. DONT BUY ANY RUBISH FROM THEM.

  12. No body here only iphone x donate me

  13. fuck apple. that's all i want to say

  14. Y'all better stop talking when I pull out my flip phone

  15. Why we have to buy it, the phone have to have the home button.

  16. U r here to disgrade ipx… it seems

  17. Wow.. That's a pretty biased review. I'm actually usually an Apple fan boy, but even I can see that Samsung is doing an awesome job. The only thing I love about Apple now is the software, really. I prefer the iOS over android. For every other aspect, Samsung probably has Apple beat. (Typed this on an iPhone 7)

  18. You talk to much just get to it

  19. If Only Steve Jobs was still alive…

  20. Fucken Biased AF!

    So your bitchass literally says that a feature is better on the Galaxy S9/+ but then just for the fuck of it with no reason you just say (not in exact words) "but I prefer the iPhone" in example, the headphone jack you say it like it is just a useless thing just because you dont use it. Every other YouTuber or Tech Reviewers Praise it because it is totally Useful. Your the only Biased Asshole to say otherwise. Then you say that "now" both have wireless charging as if it were something totally new for Samsung lol, Asshole. You totally down talked the Galaxy Series for your biased preference.

    I USED to like you & your videos, used to view all of them when they were actually good & really informative. Whether it were reviews, DIYs, Jailbreaking, Rooting, Etc. Now your very disappointing.

    Hope this comment truely catches your attention.

  21. My friends sister has the S9 and I seen her taking pictures and I was amazed at how good the screen and photo quality was

  22. I like both brands even though I've been an Android user for years…I've had the experience of both products…it just comes down to preference

  23. apple users are dying watching this video for sure

  24. Apple is the biggest shit.

  25. Never said this about iphone 6s or the 7 or 8.

  26. Iphone x is made costing 370$ but sold 999$ but Samsung S9 is made costing 379$ but sold 700$,so iphone is cheating with consumers,but Samsung is good and always much better than cheat Iphone……..

  27. How iPhone X is more faster when even Note 8 destroys it? I'm an iPhone user since 4 years but let's be honest, S9 will be much faster.

  28. My mom got the iPhone X, and my dad got the Samsung s9 plus!

  29. They both suck. These two companies are the most over marketed, under performing companies out there when it comes to cell phones. Only mindless bitches ( usually people with money who cant think for themselves ) buy these. You all suck.

  30. I think Samsung has apple beat

  31. Can I not buy an iPhone without these cringy android fans criticising me.

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