SAN FRANCISCO OIS: Dramatic Cell Phone Video Of Fatal San Francisco Officer-Involved Shooting

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Dramatic Cell Phone Video Of Fatal San Francisco Officer-Involved Shooting.

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  1. You don't get much dead-er than that!
    I wonder if he would have rather been deported than shot to death?

  2. AUGHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!  One more stupid illegal greaser wasted, due to his own stupidity.  Millions more to go……

  3. Delgado-Duarte’s death sparked outrage among his friends and family, who said police used too much force, according to KGO-TV.

    "If he had a gun or not, they still should have not shot him 30 times," says Rocio Navarro, who adds, "once or twice is still bad, but I would have rather them shot him once or twice than 30 times."

    …Are you serious? "Just because he attempted to kill police officers attempting to arrest him after he committed an armed robbery doesn't mean they should shoot at him! Two times would be too many, but thirty!? How dare they don't die and let him get away!"

  4. Bad guy bang

    Good guys "Oh yeah?" bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang

  5. Stuff like this is why I hate sanctuary cities.

  6. Anti gun state with open borders protecting illegals that commit crimes. The people even March in the streets calling police racist for this.. How brain dead and underdeveloped are these people to not realize the California style of leftist governing is dangerous to the public and allows chaos. KICK CALIFORNIA OUT OF THE REPUBLIC

  7. and that is just a hint of what will happen if Trump pulls ICE…

  8. This ain't your Mexico, In America the police shoot back, can you say suicide by cop?

  9. Adios Jesus (Adolfo) Delgado — pendejo!

  10. Great job san francisco pd, he deserved each and every bullet.
    Now what should happen to this illegal is his family and friends get deported… scumbags

  11. Im from Mexico and let me tell that I dont agree with the sanctuary cities ..

  12. Justified. Shouldn't resist at all.

  13. Shoot at the cops and they will shoot back. He got what was coming to him.

  14. Cant ever take a shot at the police…its a instant death sentence

  15. Shoot at the cops, die. It really is that simple.

  16. The mayor won't allow the police to work with ICE so instead of deporting them the police are just executing them, lol…

  17. It's just too bad the other two we not smoked….fucking low life wetbacks

  18. Couldn't see shit with the kpix logo over everything. Why bother posting a video if you're going to slap your logo over the top of it?

  19. Damn.. talk about a one sided firefight

  20. Bawahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!! Justice Served !

  21. That illegal idiot fired his gun. HAHAHAHA. Too much movies the kid thought the trunk was bullet proof.

  22. Wow I thought this was Mexico! It's a good thing that San Francisco is a sanctuary city. We are sending all criminal illegal aliens to San Francisco to live and feed on the Liberals…

    California won't allow police to work with ICE so police are just executing them, lol

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