Scrap Cell Phones – Epic Teardown & Food Banquet

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Epic scrap out of cell phones and eating all day. Something a little different as I taste foods of the world whilst tearing down my stack of mobile phones for gold …

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  1. i have whole bRunch of old cell phones as well! lol

  2. Ты долбоеб,это не излечимо.

  3. That meat you'r eating belongs to waste bucket.

  4. That's some serious eating right there…

  5. Isnt there a market for the screens?

  6. Mr Ben where do you get the old cell phones??

  7. i think every body interst in this should collect those old ones cause they will be no more available all recovery companies are runing after them they are real mine of gold especialy old nokias nowly phones are only grafite plated

  8. "Cheers Ben". Good having a beer with ya. I'm enjoying a Gage Roads "Single Fin" You should give it a try. Hand crafted in Western Australia.

  9. Greetings from uk, I was born in NZ lived oz and now living in the uk great spred you sold me the idea of getting a bottle of that nz wine. great video good work..

  10. getting the gold the easy way

  11. Inspired by watching this this morning, ran it again this afternoon. Made a pitcher of Chelada, had some radishes (1st from garden – its spring here), cheese, pickles, sliced baguette, olives, genoa salami, and you kept me company while I took all the way apart a Samsung flip phone with a full qwerty keyboard, (found it on the street while at work). Needed my reading glasses, a magnifying glass and a strong light. Not sure of what I got out of it, (except the magnets in the speakers!), but everything 'electrical', for lack of a better description, I put in a little container. It took me almost your entire vid to do the whole One phone. LOL! Now my eyes are tired. But it was interesting! Thanks for this!

  12. @45:30 Cheese isn't really good for birds. They don't digest dairy products very well. It helps to be a mammal to digest cheese.

  13. How do you identify that they are tantalum capacitors?

  14. New zealand has the best wine bro good on ya.

  15. Next time on "The Scraper Gourmand" we depopulate an entire wheely bin of high grade computer boards whilst enjoying a variety of smoked meats from around the world.

  16. …hmmm das ist gut, Prost 🍻 😃😃😃 you make my day Ben. I Love your Videos and I watch every video of you.
    many greetings from germany🍻😃

  17. Hey Ben, Great vid as everytime! But some mistakes about german traditional food.
    Never..Really Never eat Bratwurst with Sauerkraut and Meerrettich…
    Bratwurst with a hot mustard is typical german. And you Need a better bun for that.
    Sauerkraut is better with Nürnberger sausages
    And the schöfferhofer is typical Bavarian ( for most germans bavaria is not typical for germany, ironically it is for most non-germans)and has a lot of yeast inside.
    Keep on scrapping!

  18. Is it really a good idea to eat while scrapping electronics? Some of those PCBs are going to have heavy metals in them, which will get on your hands and thus into your food. Cheers to you and your health.

  19. Hey Ben love what you do

  20. You make me want to start scrapping! Looks like a fun way to make a buck.

  21. You're obviously not married. It must be great to do as you please.

  22. Will you did a fantastic job on that platter that looked really good

  23. thanks for another great vid Ben. I try to keep up with my mobile phones – but I don't get nearly the volume you do – so a tad easier for me.

  24. Not all Americans drink beer. Coke or Dr Pepper is better. 🤘👍🤘👍

  25. Benny! That food looks really, really healthy. You eat well. Nothing wrong with shark, it tastes nice.

  26. hey mate that video it is impossible to watch without snacks, i use to have some next to me while i scrapping and drinks, anyway at one moment i bring for my self just chips after you begin to taste all that different stuff my chips lose the taste so i take a brake and go to my garden to plant onions then I was able to come back and watch rest of video anyway cool vid mate

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