Setting Up Nintendo 64 on PC – Launchbox Tutorial

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We setup launch box Nintendo 64 emulation with mupen64 and project 64 – Both great emulation choices and launchbox is the cherry on top. Play all your favorite N64 titles including Mario 64,…

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  1. gtx 980M?'s a laptop?

  2. I love using Bigbox! recently I took the plunge and bought a license, and set it up as autoboot on a spare PC so no M&KB required. I took a weekend adding all my fav systems and customising the UI, and my retro gaming has never been so good.

  3. I use an USB Nintendo 64 controller

  4. How to get Nintendo 64 Roms(Games):
    Emuparadise or coolroms. Google those websites…

  5. Hi Drew,
    Is there a way on this frontend, that makes both Project64 & Mupen64 start up full screen, without user input, as that makes it look more professional i think.

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