SHOCKING – Something BIG Coming – DHS Documents + Cell Phone Footage + Zuck

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Shocking DHS documents, Cell Phone footage. Highlights from the Congressional Committee Hearings. PDF of the FULL DHS Assessment Document that I …

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  1. Thanks for all you do and waking people up😁I'm more awake now than ever.God your sister in Christ in Wisconsin

  2. What kind of a haircut is that ?

  3. Zuckerberg is jewish so if you are a right wing christian why would you use his company and make him richer?

  4. ZUCKERBURG and Homeland security is a clear and present danger to the citizens of the USA.
    America is an oligarchy, not a democracy or republic, university study finds“America is no longer a democracy — never mind the democratic republic envisioned by Founding Fathers.     Rather, it has taken a turn down elitist lane and become a country led by a small dominant class comprised of powerful members who exert total control over the general population — an oligarchy, said a new study jointly conducted by Princeton and Northwestern universities.”

  5. Thank you for making this video! Can I download and add to my channel? This really needs to be known. Thank you God bless you Sister ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤☺☺☺☺

  6. Trump is the man!!!! God Bless us all!!!

  7. Liked…and shared on "spy on us facebook" where you are considered a threat due to believing the Bible from cover to cover!!

  8. there is msm video of GHWB saying NWO so where's the conspiracy?

  9. after all these years, congress is finally questioning the AI LOL

  10. We are blessed to serve a very powerful God, He has not given us the spirit of fear, but the Holy Spirit is GOD Himself. I haven't been asleep for a very long time and I used to obsess about this corrupt world and the human puppets running it. Trust God, read His Word, know that everything written in the Bible will come to pass and then welcome the peace that passes all understanding. Jesus has got THIS, nothing happening is a surprise to Him, call on Jesus and he answer. MARANATHA

  11. I don't remember ever seeing violent Christian organizations. So crazy. And…can we please quit living by our feelings?

  12. Revelation 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, KJV
    This is just a sampling of what lies ahead. Right here on YouTube 'Comey Writes a Book 'A Higher Authority' To see my videos paste my name GrayEagle48 into the YouTube search box. To get notifications of my new videos click the bell on any of my videos, right next to subscribe/ed button. I need your help. If you like my videos and comments pls subscribe. I will subscribe back to you. Thank you.

  13. Perhaps everyone Should have read the TOS to all their devices. This wasn't covert, they have been blatant about taking our info and everyone just shrugs it off saying they have nothing to hide. Well ….welcome to the Machine. You Were All Warned. Dont expect to hold those devices and your freedom.

  14. anyone born in the usa after 1980 is the problem with the world.

  15. Her clothing is more objectionable to me than the hat the man is wearing.

  16. The hate I see comes from the Left. You shall think like me or you can die. The kid who took the hat wanted to be violent just because the guy was wearing a hat and he hates Trump. Back in my day it was "make love not war" these days seems to be "make war, not love, resist" they don't know they are resisting for bigger government to take care of them. Separating the sheep from the goats is coming.

  17. Zitburgh has been cloned

  18. I have the idea that they don't really care if we are Christians, they're just targeting that group so that they can limit our freedom of speech. They are using the term hate speech as a way to limit freedom of speech. And if they can do that then they have the capability of changing our Constitution and that is the end goal right? We lose our constitution, we lose all our rights as a free people. We've lost too much already.

  19. and we the christians are the terrorists.

  20. The American people are already in big trouble Facebook is the least of their problems . For what is coming will destroy the lives of every American ! The people they can not shut down they will kill ! The whole reason the wide world web was put into place in the first place was to track and pin point the targets of choice of the NWO ! AIMIN 📵📝📬

  21. Hot D*mn! These people are friggen good! They've been able to do the most detestable things and place the blame solely on their opposition since President Washington was in office. How are they so good at that? It's quite remarkable. It's kinda like that boyfriend or girlfriend you'd have that lies and cheats all the time and when you confront them, they accuse YOU of being the lying cheat and eventually after much verbal abuse, you start to think, Yeah, I guess right. Maybe all this is my fault! LOL Are there classes you can take to be good at stuff like that?

  22. Ok , Great! But, I see solutions everywhere. Solutions for energy, solutions for reclaimable water, solutions to reduce carbon, and do you know what is getting in the way? Money, the root to all evil?

  23. Zuckerburg is a traitor and a sellout! Fry him w the rest of trash!

  24. For goodness sake don't post about Vaccines you'll get censored DELUXE

  25. Watching to the end, that Impossible channel, would say, watch it to the end and watch it twice……….That is a bullshit way to get people to watch videos…….

  26. I know i think a little bit differently from most, but i thought the congressional stuff is the most important, as it is the final decisions are made. where the truth comes out, where you SEE who is stalling, who is hiding something and who is lying, and maybe even who is telling the truth

  27. It's a world of stringed dolls, why are you snoring?

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