Sony XB21 Review & VS Sony XB20 – Well, At Least Its Durable

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  1. Xb21 or xb30 also i like the xb21's ipx67

  2. Xb20 looks and sounds better

  3. How is the 41? Video coming soon? Thanks

  4. Good review off the bat. No way its 6 hrs. Lights off without live sound or party booster mode i got 3 hrs on max. Manuel states only drop tested at 4 ft on plywood. Get the xb20 lik he said. I have both and xb20 is better by far. I need to review speakers and ill actually take still shots of the watts and all that. 4 watt per speaker but im no audiophile. Get flip 4.

  5. When you are able to get your hands on them, could you plz make a review of the new jbl products like the xtreme 2, go 2 and clip 3? Thx

  6. When I open my srs xb20 with full volume it suddenly close(power off). Have you ever seen this problem?

  7. Youre dumb bro, how the hell you like old shit!!
    That 20 looks trash
    21 far better
    Newer = better!!

  8. Damn xb20 spind the same at xb21 how tf they just add the live sound mode to xb21 and IP67 wat unless look xb20 better prefer v moda remix

  9. I like the look of the sony xb20. But i like the durable sony xb 21

  10. I like srs xb20 and jbl flip 4

  11. Totally preferr the look of the 21😕

  12. damn, the xb20 sounds much clearer. How does the xb41 perform? Is it better than the xb40 or isn't one of the new sony-speakers a step forward? :-/

  13. All the X2 series are weak ass about battery

  14. xb20 sounds better than the xb21.

  15. Also love your channel I got the Sony srs xb 30 and Sony gtk xb 60 because of you and I am super happy with it. Thank you.

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