Sony XZ Premium Meltdown and Spectre patch performance test (better scores)

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Read more about the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities Music: Lasting Hope by Kevin…



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  1. Did you realize that you can't swipe to the menu anymore? I can't after the update 💔

  2. Good good. Can't wait for new sony phone video. If i looking for sony review. Is gonna be you 😀

  3. Xperia x dual Oreo vs xa2? Speed test please

  4. Hey charlie, are all xperia models affected with this meltdown thing?

  5. Well Done sony. Feel sorry for iPhone users 😂

  6. Lols how the hell performance increases while it's expected to decrease

  7. hey, can you tell me the exact model code of the bundled headset of the xperia z3 ?? thanks! love your vids!

  8. Can we use Google portrait mode in xperia device after rooting and enable camera2 api????

  9. I never knew what was meltdown and spectre thanks for opening our eyes to this. FYI iPhone 6 had a massive 40% performance drop after the same patch.

  10. I got the update yesterday

  11. I haven't got the update yet 🙁
    Sony XZ Premium

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