Sword Art Online Integral Factor – Gameplay Introduction (SAOIF)

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GLOBAL version – Finally the global version of this new SAO game is available worldwide in app store & googleplay store. This video is about my very 1st time trying out the game. Enjoy the video! :D.

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  1. Guild Name: – :MODDERS UNITED:
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  2. Even if it crashes it still autosave to were i ended

  3. Not gunna lie. when you started the game and seen Kirito in his starting avatar and asked "Why does he look like this?" I was pretty triggered. lol Have you seen the show? <3 U and your vids.

  4. …Bamco…urgh… i hope it wont ended got shut down in early age just like the previous game…

  5. El juego es gratuito o hay que pagar para descargarlo

  6. is this game friendly for f2p player like SAO MD

  7. Say my device is not capable so is it for tablets or just my phone?

  8. If you skiping story there's button for that.

  9. I don't know if you saw the anime but that was what they looked like in the beginning of it. Before the "creator" caused them to look like their real bodies. So they may look weird to you but to the people that watched the show. they look normal

  10. I did a character scout or Order but when i go to gift nothing loads but it show i have gift does anyone have this kind of problem? #Help

  11. Wings of glory is the best cbt.. game ever try it now guys..

  12. Where do you find the game? !!! I se arch on Google playstore but I can't Find It!!!

  13. "The smallest one"

    Lolicon confirmed?

  14. Is this game able to form party to fight the boss together with your friends?

  15. The game sound is disappearing on mine and it also affects my device sound is this normal IOS btw

  16. What's max lvl? I'm currently at lvl50 .-.

  17. how to get in the plaza

  18. trap in the freaking town

  19. I can play I'm on Android 8.1.0, my device was initially 6 but I install custom rom

  20. I quit saomd long ago, but now that saoif is here, I'm back to watching ushi's videos again lol

  21. To no 4 boss indo mata ele

  22. Mine always crashes, what should I do?

  23. Whats ure ID? I wanna add friend you

  24. To everyone that doesn't see the game in their GP store. It means your phone cannot play it and you probably need to upgrade. I don't have it either and I went to their website and it said so.

  25. Mine cannot get past load screen on download part

  26. Can anyone please help me… I've tried to download it but it's always stuck on loading before it gets to costumize the char…why? Anyone knows? Im desperate……

  27. it seems phones with a octa core processor and updated software is only way for android

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