Tamil Tech News #99 – New Xiaomi Launch, Sony Xperia L2, Mi Bunny, Huawei P20, Nokia 7 Plus, HTC U12

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Tamil Tech News #99 – Vivo X30, Vivo V7 Plus Red, Redmi 3S MIUI 9, Intex Elyt Dual & much more in Tamil | Tech Satire Subscribe for more Tech Videos in Tamil : https://goo.gl/4rNgsc Launches…

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  1. எனது redmi note 4 la camara open aakurathu late pannuthu.finger print not working what is solution for this

  2. Bro iPhone la songs movies download panna mudiyatha? Mudiumna epdinu sollunga

  3. Mi max 2 Mobile vaangalaamaa heating issue erukkumaa

  4. hi help i.need recharge jio 399 84 days but any cashback offer irukka bro ?

  5. engalala intha thagavalgala pakka mudiyuma.neenga mattum thagavalgala pakka mudiyuthu

  6. Mi 3s plus upgrade miui 9 eppo bro varum

  7. Sony Xperia L2 ku 5000 rupee kudukalam

  8. Note 5 ah irukum dan ela reviewers um solranga bro

  9. bro sony la ethumay vanga mudiyathu pola iruku

  10. Congrats for 100th episode nanbaa..

  11. #100 tech news super cool dude

  12. Congrats expecting 100th episode in next level bro

  13. redmi4A ennaki update varumoo 🙄

  14. February 14 redmi 5 launch Rs 7999/-

  15. What is called Redmi and Xiaomi what is the difference

  16. Lenovo k8 note miss pannitaingale

  17. Please don't buy sony…

  18. Bro pls music க கொஞ்சம் மாத்துங்க

  19. செம ….. நாளைக்கு 100……..

  20. We r downloading apps from play store they stored in ram or rom please reply me bro

  21. Mate 10 pro ve India ku varala adukula p20 ya

  22. Bro i m using RedMi 3s But No updates i m checked please help to update please make video

  23. Update not available on Redmi3s prime

  24. Nethu yen bro video podala

  25. Confirmed redmi note 5 than athu

  26. tomorrow hundred th episode , congratulations 👏 👏,I waiting will see this episode.

  27. Bro inum update kedaikla for honor 7x😔😔.epo kadikum solunga bro

  28. Bro nan Honor 6x sell panitu Honor 9 lite vangiruken idhu good upgrade ah

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