The Best Android Music App – Like Terrarium TV but for Music

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This has to be the best android music app! Stream your favorite music for free and listen in to a large selection of some of your favorite music artist without ads …

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  1. Are the playlists taken from Spotify?

  2. Can you download tracks off setbeat? I can't find an option for it

  3. I forgot to say thanks. Been playing around with the app for a couple days to test it and gets my approval thanks good looking

  4. Sorry Man this is crap I can find more music on YouTube!!!!

  5. Thanks Gabe, now I can listen to Andrea Bocelli all day. GREAT VID as always.

  6. Paaaaaeeeeeceeeeeeeeee🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

  7. dont have fb dont care for fb, great app bro but the downside of it you need fb account to login.
    i'll pass on this one but keep this great videos coming.
    let's see when gears give out a free trial.

  8. Dork homie it won’t let me download on my Samsung galaxy s7 edge it says there was a problem parsing the package 🤷‍♀️

  9. Thx yes works on firestick

  10. I love Cardi b but not her music jus the rest of her lol

  11. Good Video! Fildo still #1

  12. Whats the best music app thats like setbeat on iphone??

  13. Delete it and try it again because the first time when I did it . It's works I'm not going to lie to you when I tried it on another firestick it didn't work and when I deleted it and did it again it work so just delete it and try it

  14. Gabe, great share! I just installed it on my Note 8 and Nexus 9, when I get home I will install it on my Nvidia Shield TV. Thanks!

  15. This is really cool Gabe. Thanks again. The IPvanish is working great on all 5 devices. I wanted to share the fact that "light grey celtic sea salt" cured me of all of my allergies and I had the worse allergies for about 15 years of my life. Just a pinch of this salt in a glass of water once or twice a day cured me in 2 days. Plus the health benefits are amazing. You can get it on Amazon or Whole Foods. Peace and take care.

  16. Thank you, as usual you're the man.

  17. Fildo is the best in my opinion. I've been using it for a couple of years.

  18. Great video. Does the youtube on dorkbox support 4k?

  19. Said won’t work on iPhone ?

  20. big down side to this APK is you can only register through wankbook , what a downer works well tho shame about the log in

  21. great video m8 ive downloaded it , gonna give it a try , I also clicked on a few ad's for ya !!

  22. Fire stick remote doesn't work on it you have to have a mouse for it but other than that the music works great

  23. Any body can help me on an addon for football (soccer) on kodi

  24. There's No IPHONE SUPPORT BECAUSE IPHONES PHUCKIN SUCK!!!! lol good looking out Homie, I got pissed when they patched my Spotify lol there's nothing like kicking back with your friends or cruising, you're in the groove then out of nowhere blares HI PANDORA LISTENERS BLAH BLAH BLAH lol.

  25. 2 thumbs up like usual!!!!

  26. thanks gabe i can use this on nox for my pc and rablet

  27. Does it work on iPhone Gabe?

  28. I can't get it working on fire stick. Do you have to use paid version to work?

  29. Good shit Bro! Nice app! Appreciate you covering all bases.

  30. Awesome,I just bought some airpods to use with my Android,these things are great so far..if only crapple made phone's this good..Great video

  31. Thanks RD. You're the best tuber out there!

  32. Already had looked at it.. But yeah thanks for all the videos bro

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