The FUTURE of Energy Efficient Technology!

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Had the awesome opportunity to check out some of the best energy efficient technology at CES this year. Let me know what energy tech you are using or planning to incorporate! Incorporate…

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  1. 99% of these products will wear out and/or break long before they save enough energy to pay you back for their purchase prices.
    For instance, the $3,000. smart refrigerator built in Mexico will have to last 15+ yrs to recoup the purchase price. Even though you spent twice as much for a refrigerator, you will save electricity.
    Problem remains in that Made in Mexico refrigerators only last 2 – 3 yrs before expensive repairs begin to mount up.
    Look at the purchase price, longevity of, and how much energy the Energy Efficient product will use before diving in.
    A full size gas-fueled sedan purchase price can be, say $40,000. not including loan payoff.
    Which Tesla S model was displayed at this show? S model purchase prices range from $69,500. to $140,000. (not including loan payoff).
    So, if you save $2,000./yr in fuel and bought the $69,500. S model for cash, the car would have to last 14+ years to recoup the $29,500. additional price over the $40,000. gas-fueled sedan.
    The hated and demonized business owners and wealthy people can more easily purchase Energy Efficient products because they often earn enough income to write off or deduct the costs of products from their income taxes.

  2. Tesla looks fire tho🔥🔥💯

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  4. Advance technology this is really the future 😍😍😍

  5. Heating houses and driving american trucks is the worlds problem!

  6. You mean oot and aboot? 😊

  7. the problem with these energy efficient products is that they do not last very long. It's called planned obsolescence, and it causes huge waste and trash issues.

  8. He looks so stupid when he's just Vlog from his phone

  9. Why u gotta be so buffed

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  11. I really enjoyed this video. The shots the lights everything so cool and fancy.

  12. Did you announce the pixelbook winner?

  13. Thanks for sharing the latest info about energy efficiency from CES.

  14. Did you forget to bring your mic to that event? 🙂

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  16. Well done man like to see this

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