The Most Powerful Mini Gaming PC Yet…

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Join the Club: Is a $650 Gaming Laptop Worth It? Zotac Magnus EK71080:…

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  1. Shoutout to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring a video with a half naked PUBG character in the background of their ad read.

  2. Why are tech youtubers placing ads for Dollar shave club now lol

  3. 1600 bucks is way too fucking much.

  4. Im just looking to play Roblox max settings

  5. He said big box not little lik

  6. did you guys see the logic poster?

  7. so your telling me theres a fucking gtx 1080 in that little ass thing. Crypto mining here we come!

  8. You can't even grow a beard , mate . Whats with the shaving commercial .

  9. I bought my laptop for 940$ one year ago and it can't run Battlefield 1 at 1080 p low at stable 30 frames per second…

  10. Floor bridge briefly worker processing idea celebration dimension silk.

  11. what monitor are you using?

  12. I totally want this, but not available in the UK.. Yet.

  13. Wait… Why was he playing games at 1080p? The last one could play games at 4K

  14. What is forza horizon 3 fps on it ?

  15. I think It is Air purifier

  16. did i just really watch a gaming pc review sponsored by a shaver…?

  17. I'm preferring the 1070 one a LOT more. Pretty sure it can handle latest gen 1080p at 60fps… The 1080 doesn't look mini at all.

  18. Can you play Fortnite on this?

  19. Wait, can I just open the box, plug it into the monitor, and use it?

  20. If I get YouTube Red will Austin stop Advertising?

  21. Got the Deskmini from asrock and super happy with it.

  22. How much does it cost austin

  23. Can someone please tell me what keyboard he is using

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