Top 10 Android Games Same as Pc Games

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Top Android Games Same as Pc Games | Top Android Games Similar as Pc Games. ——————————- Welcome Guys ! Here we have some android & iOS …

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  1. Mind blowing video dude.I always to play games which are similar to pc games.Thanks Down to Top.👍

  2. 5:08 the fortnite isnt come to android!! Right not

  3. Wait what fortnite on android

  4. Ark mobile will be released on 14 june its tommorow!!! so be ready for the coolest experience i love ark more then fortnite

  5. Nice video
    New high graphics 50 mb Android games

  6. Joker: persona is a best game for android and pc
    But never come

  7. Fortnite is only for IOS

  8. Android-Fortnite😂😂

  9. Fortnite on android ?! What!?

  10. Is this offline or online

  11. Fortnite isn’t Android it’s ios. Other than that great games I’d totally recommend them. 😊 also couldn’t critical ops be another since that’s on pc as well.

  12. Fortnite is not a Android game

  13. Fortnite? What on android?!!!

  14. Pubg mobile not because on mobile you don’t have x3 x6 x15 And Some weapons

  15. Fornite not come yet for Android

  16. MC 5 is also good game as pc or for mobile graphics and controls are also very much original

  17. Fortnite is not for android yet

  18. Fortnite play store me nahi hai?

  19. Bullet battle is for apple not android! That was the only game i liked on this list… 🙁 I am not mad at you dont think that this is a hate comment

  20. Bullet battle is also iphone or ios not android

  21. Fornite space is upto 2GB!? lol

  22. Do anyone know a game just like Arma 3? :d

  23. Nice guys subb to my Chanellll for new updattes

  24. Can someone reply the fortnite apk link for android its my bday plzzzzz💯

  25. Which background song name

  26. Thanks bro for giving us such information

  27. I put dislike only because in this top there are games, which are still unavailable on android: Fortnite and Payday crime war. And by the way, where is half life 2???

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