Top 10 Best Android/iOS Games – Free Games 2018 (June)

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Top 10 Best Android/iOS Games – Free Games 2018 (June) So here we are back again with the Top games to play on your phone and today we will show you …

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  1. Full Game List & Links :
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  2. Faraway puzzle is besssstttt

  3. Best selection Great job

  4. First video I watch from your channel. I've subscribed. However I'd love to see your personal rating on each game, judged by story, controls and gameplay, out of ten, or 5. Whatever floats your boat, honestly, point is, it would give us viewers more of information, would be awesome!

    TL;DR: Rate the games, cool informative shit

  5. Is battle hand heroes offline game

  6. Congratulations to 100k subs

  7. Stop promoting and wasting time of the viewer by asking them to promote or comment, if some is really interested in ur video then he will defenatly comment, like and share for the same…..Indians are faithfull…don't worry bro it doing good job

  8. CONG…… For 100k sub…….. In advance

  9. Very good games 💪👌😀😀

  10. Man i love your vid's < 3
    Keep up the good work. ❤️🔥

  11. How to download fortnite mobile??

  12. Thank u for the content bro

  13. Hey bro can you please tell me that what type of light or lamp are you in background to give that awesome colour effect?

  14. Where is MusicLabeLManagerExtra?

  15. What's the difference between PUBG and Cross Fire Legends??

  16. You just got a new subscriber

  17. What zooper widget you use in front of your phone??

  18. Please send a name of wallpaper app you use

  19. Sword man faraway is NOT in the play store. Fyi- it's called swordman monster hunter.

  20. Very great looking games and review. Just turn your volume up a bit 🎮👍💓

  21. देख लिया लेकिन समझ में नहीं आया

  22. Brother widget name plz ?

  23. Hey darkness rises is better than blade reborn

  24. Bro can u make a video on fonts I love your font please tell I have also had Samsung phone

  25. I tried to download Dragonball legends using VPN but it pops with "your device isn't compatible with this version. My device is OnePlus 5 with oreo 8.1 and sould be compatible and run it with no fucking problems. WAY TO RIP, GOOGLESHIT PLAY!!! I WANTED THIS GAME TO PLAY AND YOU INSULT WITH VERSION COMPATIBILITY

  26. Sir how to get Android P feature without root in marshmallow please make an video. Please

  27. I really enjoy your videos alot. Thanks for making such. Please educate people stop forwarding useless baseless messages and videos in the whatsapp and other social media. I am fed up with this. Might they will listen you as they follow you more.

  28. man your intros transmissions etc are so cleen

  29. Awesome top games love it…no one can beat PUBG…

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