Top 13 New Upcoming HORROR GAMES of 2018 | PS4 Xbox One PC

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In this video, we take a look at the Top 13 Upcoming INTENSE Horror Games 2018 & 2019. These Video also cover New Horror games of PS4, XBOX ONE & PC …

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  2. da sind so viele spiele die vor 2 Jahren oder 1 Jahr kommen sollten und immer noch nicht glaube facke nur das meiste

  3. My top list number 1 the walking dead over kill And my 2nd THE PETERSON CASE my 3rd VISAGE Cant wait

  4. First one with the hotel reminds me of Hotel 626.

  5. The firsts game is probably a rip off of what could have been p.t.

  6. am i right by saying the guy that says hes a cop towards the beginning sounds like the guy from facts verse!!

  7. I’m starting to feel like PT was one of the worst things to happen to horror games in recent years. ad infinitum seems like it’s mixing up the setting a little at least…

  8. The animation graphics for the walking dead game cutscenes are absolutely stunning.

  9. Madre mia el primero es otra copia barata del P.T, y el segundo es una copia descarada de Death Stranding, que pasa a la gente que no tiene ideas originales macho. El tercero es un resident evil 7 mezclado con Alan wake.

  10. Bunch of cheap jump scare FPV games, except Pathologic, looks awesome as hell, if only it was 3PV or the ability to switch to 3PV.

  11. horror movies has never scared me. only the games. Love horror

  12. Unfortunately horror games have gotten like horror movies, pure shit, I am huge horror fan, but these days horror isn’t what it used to be, where is a new silent hill game, saw game,

  13. to ALL the idiots saying they all look the same and thinking they are dropping some profound knowledge….

    These ARE all HORROR games so of course they'll have that gritty, dark atmospheric creepy vibe, look and feel. How stupid are people that they can't fathom that??

    People expect horror games to have sunshine and rainbows and eat cupcakes with monsters?

  14. Reborn tryin' to be the evil within 2 so bad lmao

  15. 8:10 did he just tried to fus-ro-dah?

  16. I legit want Markiplier playing all of these. I don't know what everyone has against FP I like it.

  17. Scorn looks like the Phyrexian from MTG universe

  18. annnnd I wont play a single one because 1st person games SUCK! Why do developers insist on this form of game play for every damn game?

  19. Reborn looks really good. I love how the game is actually gamey and the graphics are successfully non-clinical.

  20. Madison, visage and Peterson case for me…

  21. These all look like really interesting games, but why do two thirds of them look like the same game is being made by different people? How many 1930s-era houses with long narrow corridors and black shadows coming out of the walls can you have?

    And who keeps putting all those bloody candles everywhere?

  22. I don't understand why so many people want to make PT ripoffs like many others mentioned here. It will never live up to the real PT and it just looks pathetic to me.

  23. Please give us link of this game for pc thanks

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