Top 5 Must-Have Apps for Android in 2018

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Here are top 5 must have apps for your Android Smartphone in 2018. Click here now to subscribe : Go Shop Amazing Deals: —————…

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  1. You mean you have to use your hands to work it? That's like a babies toy

  2. Don't 4get to provide links to apps that you recommended.

  3. You pronounce pattern and palette very interestingly but overall great video!

  4. SAKI why did it take you so long to suggest DUB MUSIC PLAYER? THIS IS NOT A NEW APP!!!! ITS BEEN OVERLOOKED BY TONS OF PEOPLE AND ITS BEEN OUT SINCE 2016!!! Nobody ever ever suggested it in any review! Please SAKI be open with your viewers you may say its a MUST HAVE but you should give information about how LONG ITS BEEN OUT! You also left OUT A LOT MORE about DUB MUSIC PLAYER, the BASS BOOST is one of the better ones in the business. DUB MUSIC PLAYER IS AN OLD APP!!

  5. I like the app call gaming wallpapers HD.

  6. Im not much into wallpapers.I use one from Zedge.

  7. Apps shown in the video
    1) Dub music player
    2) Tapet
    3) Recolor
    4) Wallpaper HD
    5) Smart Tools (Paid)

  8. the best music player is spotify

  9. your videos are good but they are very long

  10. No productive apps literally the worst app collection i saw on YouTube

  11. All these apps have been out for years!

  12. recolor is the same as Pen up for the Note 8 btw

  13. Your pronunciation is abysmal!

  14. Thank you!
    I start using dub music player..

  15. Hey saki I have question for you do you use screen protector? And do you use the the always on display man? Thank you for the apps man

  16. So, on any of these five apps, can you choose one of your own pictures out of your own Gallery, say make it black and white, and then put a red dress on my granddaughter? Recolor my own pictures per say?

  17. Holy crap your from Clifton heights I live in Yeadon

  18. Tapet – awesome app. Thank you Saki for such informative videos..

  19. Dear Saki, can you suggest powerpoint-like apps which featured shape editing (cutting rectangle with circle,etc) and seamless fuctioning in dex would be a big plus, thanks


  21. It would be nice to see some apps that are actually useful. Smart tools seems a bit useful. The others are fluff!

  22. Simply awesome!
    Thanks Saki!
    It's almost like I would never need a Samsung Dex!

  23. Blackplayer is a lot better and cleaner than dub music player

  24. I’ve been using Tapet for over a year and after years of Android I don’t believe I’ll ever use any other wallpapers.

  25. boring apps except the Dub music player

  26. Can you please talk about dual sim card on the note8 … are all note8 dual sim card and how to know … also there are some videos showing tricks to operate the note8 with 2 sim card and an sd

  27. This is the best intro, keep this one for your future videos.

  28. Its Bass with a hard A. Not bass like the fish lol c'mon now saki, you're showing your age -_-

  29. Poweramp is the best music player ive used still.

  30. I downloaded Dub music player and I'm really digging it. Thanks for the information. Keep up the good work.

  31. nice vid!!! BTW, what case are you using on note 8 ? it looks amazing

  32. Please make a video on must apps for iphones

  33. Great apps. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Never heard of this music player. I love Samsung Music because of the widget. If this app has a decent widget, consider me sold. Good work as always saki.

  35. Cool apps man…thx for sharing

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