Top 6 NEW Augmented Reality Games Android/iOS

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New best high graphics augmented reality (AR) Games For Android & iOS 2018 Following are games name and link:- 1)Brave Explorers:- Coming Soon 2)The Machines AR:-…

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  1. I dislike because of fast music in starting

  2. 1:10 – Those thicc legs are makin me hungry

  3. Farther io fps oooh man that game gonna change the world

  4. Try Trump Jump AR for iOS AR, it's amazing!

  5. Father.IO : Funny, they still handled their phone
    All we need is VR lens that planted into eye's… lol

  6. I don't think maguss is an AR game.

  7. the best game n the expensive game 😅😅😅 .. .

  8. Id love to get into AR games or even help creating them.

  9. Wtf the last one is just for ios

  10. thank you for this video btw this games are awesome

  11. I like to play father 10,sadly no other friends have x

  12. Hello #VinIsHere ! If you want to play AR Dino Run in real life and it is :
    Sorry to trouble you !

  13. love how in the videos it shows a whole room of people freaking over what maybe 3 people around the kid with the cell can see and acting like it is the best thing that has ever been made

  14. Father IO is not free even you've install it it still Needed an Interceptor it cost about $32

  15. Nice games
    But farther io fps best game

  16. Vin, please a controller supported games vid

  17. is The Machines ar coming to android??

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