Top 7 Best Apps for Android – November (2017)

Best Apps for Android Smartphone November (2017) Top 7 best apps for Galaxy S8/Note 8/S8 Plus Subscribe to my channel: …
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  1. I'm gonna get edge mask

  2. This guy talk like the doughnut thing from Sausage Party.

  3. Loved your work bro all the best… 😘😘😘❤❤❤❤

  4. Guys check out this awesome 4k wallpapers app. Its one of the best wallpaper app on the play store. Try it once u won't regret it

  5. Last app is almost useless, now most phones have search option in their launchers.

  6. Edge lightening is available in Note 8 na.,

  7. You have the perfect voice to make !? Ringtones !!👍

  8. Can you give me a link to your wallpaper please? Thanks in advance.

  9. Tum mrja india krr ho krr hindi nhi bol skta

  10. 3toss is the best app for online shopping

  11. you have missed the best
    (3toss)..all shoping site in one apps like amazon flipcart and all best apps

  12. Which game you are showing in your video ? (Time 2:16 )

  13. Dude ull get the edge lighting in ur phone itself

  14. Thanks a lot…

    Really good apps…

  15. Hi. Love your vids. Where's that wallpaper from? Thanks

  16. whats the notification app used here?

  17. Video name is ridiculous, considering you uploaded it on 31st of October. What happens if a new great, awesome app appears in November?

    Anyway, good picks.

  18. You don't need edge mask edge lighting is already installed…

  19. Pls suggest some wallpaper app for android users

  20. Just keep the new apps coming, love'em

  21. Please don't Weeze the juice

  22. Edge mask works the same as edge lighting on S8/note 8.
    I got it on on my S8+

  23. How do u get your notifications to pop up so small

  24. Great app list..
    AirConsole is a fun app

  25. I'd like to see a best messenger video. This will be a challenge..ha!😆

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