Top Android apps – December 2017

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  1. Awesome apps🔥 getting a Christmas vibee😃

  2. Hello Sir,
    Can I use your video background image in my youtube videos….I will give this video link my discription box

  3. Do one with the one plus 5t as your daily driver

  4. aw thank you so much .. newpipe new discovery for me .. i used to have firetube for background and tubemate for downloading video and its all in one

  5. your videos are great and everything but it would be nice of you if you lowered the screen brightness a little bit for us to see the screen well, great work.

  6. This is a pretty good video, i don't know why so many people are disliking this. Great video imo

  7. A great video bro.
    I'll recommend you to try and review XPRESSO app.
    It's plain awesomeness 🙂

  8. Boring apps… BTW which phone is this you are using?

  9. For Fandom it says my device isn't compatible with this version. I have a Note 8 for Verizon fully updated!

  10. Useful apps…great… thank you… it….🤗🤗🤗🤗

  11. Video's awesome ☺️ but…
    You should use different type of Music because this type of Music makes video very slow and boring

  12. Damien how do you access your mobile without touching it ? What app you use ?

  13. nice video! i love your comments on these apps, way less general comments than some people out there! Just subscribed 🙂 I was wondering how you made your capacitive buttons dissapear into apps? And i saw your note 8 whats on my android, would love if you made a video on the switch Stock-touchwiz, im still using my 6P and was looking to buy a Note 8/S8+, how's your experience so far? 🙂
    Thanks 😀

  14. try beatfind music recognition for next video

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  16. Awesome
    Any suggestions for best wallpaperz ; i saw ur mentioned bt can i get few more fr amoled

  17. The video was very romantic

  18. 📱 Apps featured 📱
    0:30 – Fandom –
    1:38 – Geometric Weather –
    2:37 – Cosmicons –
    3:20 – Notin –
    4:02 – CatchUp –
    4:58 – Recipe Book –
    6:02 – Splish Splash Pong –
    6:47 – Skippy –
    7:36 – NewPipe –
    8:45 – Battery Meter Overlay –

  19. Lit video BRU!! Loved the thumbnail

  20. Cant find your wallpaper in the link u give. Aldo what is the icon pack u use? Anyway nice vid bro.

  21. Great video but i noticed great deal of flickers

  22. Love the video! All of these apps I could actually find myself downloading! Your content is really good and editing is so professional, informative and entertaining. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to seeing your channel grow 😀

  23. Great man

    Keep it up

    Till 1 million..

  24. Awesome video! What screen protector are you using?

  25. Great one, I'll give Cosmicons a try!

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