Top Android Apps! (November 2017)

It’s time to round up the best android applications that you should check out this month! Another Widget – I Love Hue …
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  1. Best app Android for watching matchs in many channels to chose betwenn theme without freezing

  2. These are not really apps…just a bunch of widgets, games and wallpapers…hardly life changing…seems like you’re running out of ideas…

  3. Today Weather has that Pixel widget.

  4. Hey Sam, I downloaded jOnePlus app and it asks permission to root. It isn't working on my OP3.

  5. I need to get more paid themes for my j7 prime .

  6. hey sam bro i wanna ask serious question can i email you

  7. i'm always wating for these to drop

  8. Hey great video. What're u using for ur lock screen?

  9. which phone is it on the video?

  10. I love how you edit your videos ❤

  11. Well done
    I need to try some of these now

  12. you could include the material notification shade app tho

  13. Sam pixel navigation bar is not working in my Redmi note 4, I know that you don't tell this application name and functions in today's video but if you halp me to know that why this application doesn't work in my Redmi note 4, so I'm very thankful to you

  14. Really awesome intro….. Nice app list…… Keep up your great work!

  15. Don't get me wrong I love your content but the way you've boosted the colours of the videos it just looks horrible you've used delta icons that have their pastel color as a unique feature which makes it stand out and in you're videos they just look too saturated and vibrant it's just an example I'm just saying you shouldn't boost these colours so much it just doesn't look real

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