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On today’s Daily Football News, Niko Kovac is named the next Bayern Munich coach, a mouth-watering Champions League semi-final draw in which Liverpool play Roma and Bayern go head to head with…

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  1. Bayern vs real Madrid bribed referee

  2. If Liverpool wins UCL and Egypt does decent in World Cup, Salah's chances of winning Balon D'or will increase massively but I hope it's Real Madrid and Ronaldo who'll put their hands on the trophy.

  3. Liverpool vs Real


    Marseille vs Atlético


  4. PSG can have Courtois if the price is good enough

  5. ucl best player this season cr7

  6. I can see David Luiz leaving Chelsea

  7. Real Madrid vs Liverpool
    UCL Final I think Liverpool are going to win their 6th UCL 🏆

  8. Bayern to win Champions League and Arsenal to win Europa league. Arsenal vs Bayern in super cup😂

  9. Liverpool vs. Bayern is my call

  10. Thanks. Watching your daily helps me get up to speed with British footie!

  11. If Liverpool win the champions league they are heading to the prem next season

  12. The best player in the champions league this season is either salah or ronaldo Roma’s dzeko and allison have been great aswell and I would love to see Roma in a final but don’t think they can win against Liverpool

  13. Liverpool and Real Madrid will win each tie in the UCL. This is Roma’s first time to get this far, but Liverpool have made it before, so… It will be a close game between Real and Bayern but as usual with Madrid’s winning ways, they are most likely to win with such a strong squad.

  14. Now that Barca are Out of UCL

    Final should be R.Madrid Vs Liverpool

  15. I think we (Liverpool) have a chance for UCL, so hopefully we can make it 6 times🤞

  16. If Liverpool win the champions league salah will have a great chance of winning the ballondor but we all know about messi and Ronaldo and things they can achieve may be one of them will go ahead and win the Worldcup themself

  17. Recently arsenal's attack has been quite reliable but if they have to win europa league their defense and goalkeeping needs to be solid.. Which at times has been vulnerable.

  18. liverpool to the final and bottle it

  19. Semi———————->
    Madrid vs Munich
    Liverpool vs Roma
    Madrid vs Roma

  20. I think Arsenal can win 2 leg as a team

  21. Liverpool can win the champion league 🤨🤨

  22. Cr7's back must be sore for carrying Madrid on is back the entire season

  23. Cr7 is the best of all time

  24. Just remember ronaldo's bicy

  25. Ronaldo was the best in the competition this season no doubt

  26. Real vs roma final done

  27. city to should buy pogba lol

  28. ive been saying liverpool and real madrid for finals from the group stages

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